What YOU can Do About Climate Change?

YOU can make a difference to climate change that planet earth is currently going through.

It seems a huge issue to tackle. But you know that the sea is nothing but millions of drops of water and the complex human body is composed of billions of tiny microscopic cells.


The point I am trying to make is that even a problem as big as climate change can be reduced by small changes every individual makes – YOU and I make.


Climate Change and its Impact

The increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are trapping the sun’s heat within the atmosphere. This is causing an overall increase in temperatures world over, upsetting nature’s delicate balance. Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising and causing negative impact of the habitat of several animals.


The day is not far when the most important species on earth (that is humans or so we like to think that humans are the most important species) may no longer be left with a home. And we will have no one to blame but ourselves.


It is time to take action NOW. And here is HOW


Reduce your carbon imprint in any and every way you possibly can


And if you are wondering how to do this, Motley Green can guide you. Motley Green is your green, fun, interactive social networking site that is serious about the environment. It is the perfect platform for you to clear your doubts about what you can do about the climate change. 


Sometimes, you don’t even have to DO anything. Just NOT doing an action can help. For example, if you decide NOT to use plastic bags for shopping or decide NOT to use paper, converting all your bills to e-bills and all communication to emails instead of faxes, you are doing your bit to arrest climate change. savor


Motley Green offers these and other ideas and the best part, it is powered by people like YOU who have a passion for our planet. 


So if you want to cool down the planet, sign up for Motley Green. That sure makes you ‘really cool!’

We are born out of 'Love' , 'To Love'

“Love” is the core of our being. Many cultures , alternative belief systems swear by the fact that “Love” is what we are, what we have been and what we will be.  Quite often repeated response really,  to perennial questions like ‘Who are we’, 'where do we come from’ and 'what the purpose of life is’.

I look around and found little evidence of that , in fact,  most of would be comfortable with almost an opposite view of “who we are”.  Really, do we ever fell the ecstasy of contentment ever? or unconditionally loving the neighbors and strangers?

Let’s ponder over this for a bit.  At the societal level there is war, antagonism, hatred : True, then there is famine, hunger, poverty: True, and at the individual level there is despair, jealousy, estrangement, ego, desire for power : True.  All true and very real.

Then there are shades of something very positive. At the societal level, communities getting together and helping each other at the time of floods, Tsunami’s, earhquakes. There are non-profits (Red Cross etc), spiritual (Art of Living etc..) and other organizations that devote their time, effort and resources for the betterment of mankind. And individuals that extend their supporting hands, to uplift the downtrodden.  They raise our spirits and hope that 'goodness’ could one of our core traits. That “Love” could be the core of our being.

What does “Loving” mean anyways..  Some claim that “Love” is not an emotion, it is what we are. If we are made up of “Pure Love” ,shouldn’t the Love extend to all beings, including plants, animals and the planet alike?

Come, express your “Love” at 

Your’s Lovingly,


Why do we exist..Why does this planet exist?

Why do we exist? I know a person who knows this answer.  You all know him.  His name is ‘Uncle Sam’.  His answer was simple, really. We exist to pay taxes. Period.  And when we cross-over, we still pay taxes.  So whether we exist or not, we pay taxes. 

With that question answered, let’s try this.  Let’s ask a loaded question, which demands an honest response.  Why do we think this planet exists? 

A) A means of our survival, a means to fulfill our destiny and desire,  our spiritual growth ..


B)A commodity that can be exploited for its precious resources?  

I will bet my (non-existing) farm that most of you woud pick option A as a response and in my opinion, you are speaking out your heart.  There are a few greedy exploiters, that are few solely responsible parties (governments included) for over-exploitation of this planet’s mineral, oil, water, elemental resources.  They are seeing a beginning of the awakening.  An awakening that will compell them to mend their ways.

Continuing on, we believe that this planet can provide for all of its inhabitants - all fauna and flora.  Its the 'greed’ of select humans AND  thoughtless actions of all its inhabitants that topples the delicate balance of this biome.  The latter,  needs to be addressed because it is addressable and avoidable.  If all of us are more sustainable and thoughtful in our approach to daily activities, we can make a huge difference across many dimensions of this planet's existence : physical and meta-physical.

Let’s do our part.  Start with small 'Green acts’ and the rest will follow…

Motley Green is like Facebook with a conscious

Why do we connect with another?  Why do we feel a compelling need to gossip? Why do we share trivial information, track and observe event’s in our freind’s lives, comment on photographs, activities…

May be there is a simple answer:  Humans are unavoidably comfortable in a social setting.  We are fundamentally social beings.  Most of us have that strong urge that we cannot shake.

We are certain that most social interactions produce trivial results to the larger community and to the biome.  However, it is an undeniable fact that great inventions, discoveries, wars, unrest are all a result of humans  interacting with one another.  Why human interactions create these outcomes, is a discussion for another time and place but it is clear that social interaction is a double edged sword that needs to be  guided and steered for nobler causes. was born from such an intent. An intent to guide the social conversations to result in positive outcomes for one’s self and to the Eco-System.  All key features found in facebook are provided for in MotleyGreen but against the backdrop of sustainability/green.  ‘Green'  has a chance to be a part of every conversation and human interaction.  One can share their favorite recipes, post their photo’s video’s etc..have a regular conversation but intersperse it with Green acts.

Sustainability conversations are then sprinkled with fun learning through short snippets of green facts.  This learning is weaved into the conversation, negating the need to swift through large library of material of Green related articles and facts.

MotleyGreen then ups the ante of rewarding users with reward points and 'real’ no strings attached rewards.  And this backdrop provide a mechanism to calibrate an individual’s Green Index - An indivdual’s green score which provides the ultimate bragging rights that every individual should avail.

All said, will plant a tree on behalf of every user that signs-up!  This is Social Networking with a meaning and value.  This we call, facebook with a conscious.

I care for the planet But..

Of the hundreds of individual’s and organizations we interviewed, our research indicated that few to none, disagreed with the fundamental concept of caring for the planet, eco-system and environment.  Of course, each individual had their own understanding  and interpretation of what eco-consciousness is, and the role of humans in global warming.

Our interviews and conversations ranged from pretty tepid to passionate, argumentative to informational, hum-drum to entertaining.  But one common thread stood out.  Every individual spoken to, never disagreed with the need to be compassionate to this planet and to the eco-system.

Why then few of us think about being and living ‘green’ on a daily basis?  Most would respond that life comes in the way.  We say, 'fair’ point.  We are convinced that being 'Green’ should not be obtrusive or invasive but a part of our every day culture. Simply put, it should come naturally to everyone.  This is possible only if it becomes of our second nature, ingrained into our daily activities.  

We know that economics has its own way of driving a point.  A 10 dollar gas, will automatically decrease consumption and increase patronage of public transportation.  Doubter’s, look at Europe, Asia.  It’s altogether another matter, of what 10 dollar gas would do to World economy, we dare not venture out on that conversation.

Let’s get back to the point.  If few dis-agreed that being 'Green’ is good for themselves and the eco-system, why does our research show  that lesser than 10% of urban folks, do at least one meaningful 'Green’ act every day?  Part of the answer lies in lack of education and downright ignorance. The other part is that 'Green' has  not yet  made it to the mainstream hip culture.  Although it will get there, sustainability culture is still the eminent domain of the committed few.

How do we change that?  Ideas anyone?  We dared to solve this problem.  Solution at

Measuring an individual's Green behavior's

A Diversity index is “defined as a quantitative measure that increases when the number of types into which a set of entities has been classified increases, and obtains its maximum value for a given number of types when all types are represented by the same number of entities”.  This algorithmic mumbo-jumbo and will take nothing short of a rocket-scientist to decipher.

At MotleyGreen, we set out to measure an indivdual’s ‘Green Behavior’s’.  We all agree that there needs be a de-facto standard to measure how 'Green’ an individual actually is.  With the guiding principles of easy accessibility, simplicity and effectiveness, we adopted an a simplistic measurement.

The approach is simple.  More Green Acts an individual performs higher the score. We then baseline an individual’s Green profile by asking a few basic questions on home, transportation and energy front.  For example, Do you own a Hybrid car?  An affirmative answer will contribute to the individual’s green score. So two major factors that contribute the MotleyGreen score are :  Green Acts and baseline Green profile. 

The final factor is based on the individual’s ability to lead the pack in the sustainability behaviors.  Each indivual’s Green Acts and Profile are bounced against the overall MotleyGreen community’s performance.  If the individual is leading the pack, they get a few more points.  Hence,  last factor contributes to relativity with respect to one  another, and foster competitive nature towards achieving sustainable goals.

We hope some day, an indivdual’s MotleyGreen score is going to be as important an consideration, as their own physcia/monetary/intellectual attibutes like height, GMAT score, number of twitter followers etc.. Your MotleyGreen score is the proxy to your compassionate index, your planetery  responsibility index , your OWN 'GREEN’ index.

We hope that world would ask every individual:   'What’s your MotleyGreen score’ ? 

Mine is 45 and climbing.  What is your MotleyGreen Score?

What motivates us to be 'Green'?

Whether you are on this side or the other side of the Global Warming debate, few would dis-agree with the approach of inflicting minimal damage to our eco-system.  Major disruptions such a nuclear weapon detonation, damn/building constructions, oil spills can only be contained with citizenery based activism and shift in scoietal consiousness.

However, as an individual we can make a huge difference in building a sustainable environment.  Our every day actions have a direct and irreversible effect on the biome and the planet.  While we can continue to debate the root causes of mass exitinction of animal and plant species, we can always try and lead a Greener and more fulfilling lives.

Little known and acknowledged fact is that going ‘Green’ puts 'Green’ back into your bank account.  Almost any sustainable activity will save you money.  But almost every Green act will require a little efort, a little more thought, a little more compassion from you.

At MotleyGreen, we will reward you for that little extra effort you put in, that little extra time you put in.. We will encourage you, all through your sustainability path.  Rewards are our mechanism to keep you firmly on this sustainable path.

Rewards at MolteyGreen are direct results of the reward points you accrue by performing Green Acts.  You will be rewarded monetarily, you will rewarded with badges, you will be rewarded with knowledge and above all you will be rewarded through acknowledgement  of being most 'Green'  by your friend’s.

We at MotleyGreen,  believe motivation is multi-vectored human force that can propel an individual and the eco-system towards sustainability.

Why are You Environment Friendly?

Saving the environment and being environment friendly are the newest buzzwords today. Being environment friendly is the latest style statement that you can flaunt in many social circles. Today ‘being green’ is ‘being fashionable’.


Do you want to be fashionable? Do you want to be to the toast of social gatherings? Well it is simple. Start caring more for the environment.


Some people may argue that environmental friendly acts should be motivated by a deep desire to care for the planet and preserve it for future generations. While that is a noble thought, this is surely one area where the end more than justifies the means and many times over.


It does not matter if you are being environment friendly because you want to be featured in the local newspaper and that will be good for the business or if your environment friendly practices are driven by the goal of long term sustainability, because the latter is sure to follow the former.  It does not matter if your environment friendly lifestyle has been initiated solely for the purpose of impressing your girlfriend, because eventually these green practices that you are following today will make the world a healthier place for your children tomorrow.


So come on join the ‘GREEN’ movement today.


To know more about simple lifestyle changes that are environment friendly (and which can make big impression) interact with the Motley Green community. Motley Green is a social media platform for the green at heart and you can find views, opinions, suggestions on any and every topic related to the environment. And the best part – you are rewarded with Motley Green score for every environment friendly act that you do.


Don’t you want the biggest ‘green score’ in your network? The more environment friendly you are, greater is your score. So ‘go green’ with a vengeance. The fact that the environment benefits in the process is a huge plus, isn’t it?


Save the planet while you network!