NO2 Preworkout

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This was a great preworkout and I did feel like I was able to work out harder and longer while taking it!


Tomoson provided the product and my opinion is my own.


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My Travelling career begins!!:D

Having just pottered about europe for a couple of years with the fam to places like spain, southern france, normandy, parts of germany I am finally spreading my wings and doing some of my own stuff!:D

I have just discovered for a trip with a company called ‘Greenforce’. They help students like myself to spreead their wings but at the same time, volunteer. The 5 week placement is in the bahamas and its a marine placement. I will be learning to dive and will help build a conservation site for sea animals!

I really hope they consider me, I will let you know how i get on!:D

Namena and the looooooong trip back...

Yesterday we dived at Namena Marine Reserve, if you remember correctly I dived there last time I was in Fiji. That time the island was about a 1 hour to 45 minute drive from the GreenForce base. 

As you also know I’m no longer with GreenForce so it took 2 or so hours to reach this time round. This was a day trip lead by KoroSun Dive with 15 guests and 6 staff, myself and Byron included. T’was a beautiful sunny day and the sea was calm so the boat shot through the water. 

I’d forgotten how good this place was, the first site we dived was one I hadn’t dived before called ‘Chimneys’. There are two huge towers of coral probably about 35 meters tall and 80 meters apart. It was beautiful! SO much and so many types of coral! The colors we’re blinding and visibility was limited some what by the number of fish! I got some good shots on the camera [lion fish, garden eels, shrimp and loads more]. I managed 56 minutes down there before I came up! I think that was one of the most colorful dives I’ve done so far! I can’t wait to upload the video(s)!

The second dive (after lunch) was at Grand Central Station, I’d dived this site before or thought I had. It was different but still awesome! Drift diving is always fun! We sat above a wall watching a HUGE school of fish (Jack’s and Travelly) being stalked by 4 or 5 gray reef sharks. There was a really cool swim through on this dive down through a tunnel, we also swam through an arch. Another, I’m glad to have had that as my 90th dive!  

So at about 3.30 or so we began the long journey back to Savusavu and the dive shop. However, we didn’t reach home until 5.30 or so this was because we came across an Illegal Long Line which we spent an hour or so pulling in. I’m not yet an eco worrier but their are several things now that piss me off (Shark Finning and Long Lining are just two). It was probably a 5 kilometer line most of which we reeled in, Sea Shepard would be proud of us! We cost some body upwards of $15,000 Fijian Dollars but I’m not concerned in the slightest! Stupid bastards! On the line we reeled in were two of the biggest tuna I’ve ever seen! One yellow fin and a Blue fin, both of which were dead. (Despite not liking long lining we might have eaten them). 

After about an hour of reeling we saw a boat on the horizon and thought “shit! gotta go!” the line we cut would’ve sunk so no more dead fish. The fishermen find them using a radio beacons and we thought the approaching boat was the owner coming to check why his buoy was moving about so much. We pulled in about 3-and-a-half or 4 kilometers of the line, 15 minutes more would’ve done it. We’d come across the middle marker as there were two separate buoys approaching from either direction of the boat. 

We headed home then and had a free meal with the illegal catch at Decked Out. 

All in all a good day, did some awesome diving, wasted somebodies money and saved the worlds fish stocks and got a tan in the process. 

I think that’s all for now, I’ll write when I’ve more stories to tell, until such a time stay safe and out of trouble yourselves…

God bless,

J x

GreenForce Labs NO2 Preworkout Review

GreenForce Labs NO2 Preworkout Review


I am lazy. Extraordinarily lazy when it comes to exercise and I am kind of ashamed to admit it. Working two jobs really wears down on me and the slightest feeling of me being tired gives me an excuse to put off exercise for another day…. then another day…. then another. I’ve taken Preworkout  pills since the beginning of the ephedrine era , when people were collapsing from heart attacks.…

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Beauty requires taking care of your insides, too! Here are some of my regular supplements:

Hyperbiotics Probiotic

NatureMade Vitamin C

NaureMade Echinacea

NLA for Her Shred Her

NatureMade Fish Oil

Greenforce Labs NO2 Pre Workout (I skip this if I’m not going to work out)

I truly believe these keep me from getting sick and give me lots of energy throughout the day! 

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Review: GreenForce Labs NO2 Preworkout

Review: GreenForce Labs NO2 Preworkout

Are you a work out junkie who lacks a bit of energy during your work outs and then feel unmotivated? I’ve been there before and then I resorted to a pre work out shake or supplement. I’ve tried a few and luckily I have had a great turn out. One in particular that I do like is the Greenforce Labs’ NO2 Pre-Workout Supplement. It is meant to intensify your workouts so you get the best work out to…

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