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Harry likes to make fun of me sometimes. -Marcel

Sleepover at George's || George & Harry

Harry obviously had a problem that management couldn’t know about which is why they were going to talk and have a sleepover in his room. Basically the only place that management couldn’t invade. This was so going to make him feel like such a girl. They were going to be talking about boys and love problems. Deciding to be as comfy as possible, George changed into monkey onesie before going to sit in the living room and wait for Harry. 

Sheyles; Listen

Don’t Let Me Go - Harry Styles | So - Ed Sheeran | Just The Way You Are -Bruno Mars | Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran | Little Things - One Direction | I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab for Cutie | Fix You - Coldplay | I’ll Be There - Union J | Call Me Maybe - Union J | Love Story - Taylor Swift | I’m Yours - Jason Mraz | Candy Floss - Alex Day

Comforting George

G: Running a hand through his hair, George bit his bottom lip in an effort not to cry though it wasn’t working all the much as tears had started to flow. Pulling his knees up to his chest, George rested his head on them not wanting anyone to see him like this.

H: Harry walked into George’s flat, it had gotten to the point where they just walk into each others places. He hadn’t seen the older boy all day and he missed him. He walked to his room, frowning at the sight of the sad boy. “Baby, you okay?”

G: ”Huh?” George asked jerking his head up to see Harry. No no he wasn’t supposed to be here. “Yeah I’m fine.” He said sniffing and wiping at his tears. He hadn’t wanted anyone to see him cry, he was not a pretty crier.

H: “Don’t lie to me, George,” Harry said firmly, sitting down next to his boyfriend and bit his lip. “Please don’t lie to me.” He took his hand in his own, lacing their fingers together.

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Feel Better Cuddles

George: George sat in his room not really doing much. He felt awful really about Zayn. He hadn’t meant to do any of it and now the other wouldn’t let him make it up. Pulling out his phone, George texted Harry. “Can you come over?”

Harry: Harry was curled up around his laptop on the couch, just resting and not really doing much when he felt his phone vibrate. He saw he had a text from George and he responded quickly. “Yeah. Sure. I’ll be right over. xx” and with that he had closed his laptop and he left his flat in nothing but an over sized t-shirt and briefs and made his way over to George’s.

George: Getting off his bed, George walked over to the front door to unlock it. “Okay door’s unlocked.” He typed out as he walked back into his room and flopped on his bed.

Harry: Harry walked into the flat and to George’s room. “Hey monkey,” he said, laying down on the bed next to him. “You alright?”

George: “neh.” George said cuddling into Harry and hiding his face in his neck.

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Fairy Lights and Dancing

George: George had finally finished setting up the park, well garden that he had rented for the date, he wanted this to be as perfect as possible. Walking back over to Harry’s room, George knocked on the door and waited for the other to answer. He hoped that it would be something Harry liked.

Harry: Harry opened the door quickly and eagerly, he was wearing a button up shirt, with most of the buttons done up, a dress jacket, and nice pants. He grinned wide when he saw George, “hey Georgle.

George: “Hi Hazzle.” George said smiling at the other before leaning in and kissing the other quickly. “You ready? He asked lacing their fingers together.

Harry: He smiled sheepishly, blushing a bit. “Yeah. Always ready for our dates.”

George: “Good.” George said leading Harry out of the building. “It’s just a little walk.” He explained as they walked towards the garden he had rented.

Harry: “Alright,” Harry nodded a bit, chewing on his lip. “That’s fine.”

George: “Yay.” George said leaning into Harry as they walked. “Fourth date huh.”

Harry: “Number four yeah,” he nodded a bit. “Wow…”

George: “So happy.” George admitted pulling Harry onto the trail that would take them to the garden.

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