10-11 Piece Crystal Healing Beginner’s Set

I’ve included the option to purchase this with or without the natural citrine, since it dramatically effects the price. That way people of different budgets can still get it. I hope this is useful to you lovely people who want to start crystal healing or a crystal collection! 

rare gemstone parcel for jewelry making, by nostoneunturned333 on etsy

  • Ammonite Sliced Fossil: 20cts
  • Czech Moldavite: 4.1cts
  • Polished Baltic Amber: 4.85cts
  • Black Opal on Petrified Wood: 5.9cts
  • Dominican Larimar: 8.3cts
  • Rainbow Moonstone: 5cts
  • Aqua Aura Spirit Quartz: 16.2cts
  • Aquamarine: 6.8cts
  • Dogtooth Amethyst Polished: 18.8cts
  • Watermelon Tourmaline: 12.8cts
  • Bicolor Green and Black Tourmaline: 5.5cts
  • Green Tourmaline: 6.8cts
  • Pink Tourmaline: 8.2cts
  • Lime Kunzite Spodumene: 10cts
  • Imperial Topaz: 18cts
  • Hessonite Garnet: 10cts
  • Pyrope Garnet: 17.7cts
  • Epidote: 8.8cts
  • Sphene: 6cts
  • Orange Kyanite: 30.7cts

this time we can observe growth structure (trigons) on a very deep green chrome crystal of Tourmaline. 350 ct and about 44 x 40 mm specimen. They are very diamond like termination. 

to be remembered that Tourmaline has a trigonal symmetry.

cosmic technology ?? amazing what nature perfect! Addictive right?



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0.75” Wire Wrapped Bi-Color Tourmaline Pendant.

Tourmaline is known to attract inspiration, creativity and healing. It balances the mind by balancing the left and right sides of the brain. It is also known to rid one of fear and aid with self confidence. Pink tourmaline is the perfect stone to give as a gift to someone you love and/or hope will love you. It is a stone that promotes many feelings of love, joy, enthusiasm for life, and understanding. It also promotes peace and a healthy attitude. Green tourmaline especially aids in creativity and can transform negative energy to positive.

'A magnificent Himalaya Mine Tourmaline, featuring two crystals intergrown in a large Smoky Quartz. The main Tourmaline has a dark green core, becoming transparent pink with a pale green cap, measuring 15cm length and 3.5 cm width. The Quartz has wonderful glassy lustre and is sharply formed. Minor Cleavelandite Albite accompanies the main Tourmaline crystal.' Himalaya mine, USA

In the Garden - Green Tourmaline and Pearl Oxidized Silver Bracelet by Quintessential Arts

This delicate bracelet is made with tiny freshwater pearls and green tourmaline wrapped into my favorite chain, with a lovely silver filigree flower charm as the centerpiece. The oxidized and lightly polished silver gives it an antiqued look, like a beloved heirloom.