Tbh, I’d love more flowers and plants in my room~

But I’m still learning how to take care of the ones I have right now…

My littlest plant’s kind of dying but my shamrocks are thriving;;  So, one at a time, I’ll get better and then expand a bit more…

Too bad being good with plants isn’t genetic;; My mum has a green thumb, and can literally make anything grow… [cuts a tree branch, boom a full grown tree 5 years later]  and my auntie had a gorgeous garden too…

I was in class the other day, done with my work and bored as shit. SO…I decided to write a list of shitty/funny band names because I’ve for a while now wanted to form some sort of band (a comedy band? a normal one? no clue) and I think these are golden.

  • Left Handed Scissors
  • The Middle Urinal
  • Midnight Monk
  • Ten Foot Toddlers 
  • Ziploc Popcorn
  • 23 Ring Binder
  • Snicker Poodles
  • Green Thumb Charms
  • Shut Up Chad
  • Plane Crash Tamale
  • The X-Zen
  • Super Powered Slackers
  • Clumsy Ninjas
  • Middle Finger Mambo
  • The Power Strangers
  • Donald Duck Didn’t Wear Pants
  • Double Edged Spoon
  • Lamp Rave
  • Carpet Burnouts
  • The 5th Row
  • Death Row Birthday Party
  • A Baker’s Dozing
  • Microwaveable Meatloaf 
  • Napoleon Sports Complex
  • Half Wit Holdup 
  • Tie-dye Turkeys
  • Cupid’s Toe
  • Sleeping Police Sirens