Wine tour day-this was probably my favorite day in San Francisco!!! Jessica worked hard to play out the feature attraction for our trip, and she couldn’t have done better! She found a company Green Dream Tours that would pick us up from our hotel and travel to three wineries in Sonoma. Because we were so large, our group took up the entire bus without making special group tour reservations. Things we were looking for in a tour was: pick up and drop off, private bus, fees included. Green Dream Tours hit all that and soooo much more! 

Erin picked us up at 8am sharp and while it was hard to wake up and be ready that early, drinking on the bus was allowed so the lure of mimosas made it easier. Right away she got a good feel for our group and we really hit it off with her! She filled her cooler with our beverages, we poured mimosas and were on our way. We made a quick pit stop after the bridge. Side note-a few girls missed the bike tour so the entire time when they’d point something cool out we would all say ‘oh yeah we biked there.’ This included Alcatraz :)

On our way to the first tour she gave information about the area and wine in general. My natural instinct in moving vehicles (that I’m not driving) is to fall asleep. Add her soothing voice and not much sleep and I was knocked out. But as soon as we got to the first winery I felt alive again!

First winery was Robledo Family Winery where one of the brothers gave us our tastings. Our tour guide Erin has told our the five “S” of wine tasting: See, Smell, Swirl, Sip, Savor. I quickly realized I have a swirl deficiency. For the life of me I couldn’t get the wine to swirl! Also when she was telling us the five “S”, Jamil and I guessed that the fifth “S” was Swallow! We started adding to the “S” and by the end of the day came up with the 10 “S-saments” of Wine Tasting:

See, Salivate, Smell, Swirl, Sip/Slurp, Swish, Swag, Swallow, Spit.

Anyway, we all enjoyed our first stop and Erin was nice enough to capture some great photos for us! We were lucky that she continued to put up with our group photo requests the rest of the day!

The next stop was Larson Family Winery for some more tasting and our lunch stop. I don’t know what we enjoyed more-the beautiful view and cornhole on the lawn, the yummy wines, the delicious lunch (“Just put it in your mouth and enjoy it!”) or the scrumptious breads and dips! I bought two marinades there and have L-O-V-E-D cooking with them!!! 

After our 2nd stop we had a free break in the town of Sonoma. We were especially lucky because there was a festival going on that day so the town square was full of artists. We also stopped by for cheese, chocolate and wine tasting. It was a relaxing hour exploring!

The final winery was at Medowcroft Winery and I think I liked their wine samples the best. It may have been the previous wine drinking or that they had more white wines in their tasting, but I really enjoyed their wine! I was going to buy a bottle but decided against it and Erin surprised me with the bottle I wanted! That was so nice! They had a big blue chair that we took a photo on and then posed in front of the bus before we headed back to San Francisco. 

The ride back was a BLAST!!! Ann had planned some games for the entire trip including one that coordinated with our SLAP THE BAG theme! She had a list of questions she had asked Paul. She asked me the questions and if I got it correct, I got to give a 'Slap the bag’ drink out and if I got it wrong I had to take 'Slap the bag’ drink. Our tour guide gave Ann her headset microphone so it was extremely official! I spread around the love when I got questions right so everyone got to participate! 

Finally we convinced Erin to drive by the 'Full House’ house!!! We quickly ran across the street to the park across from their house, found someone to snap a few photos and ran back…all while singing the theme song of course!

Wine tour=SUCCESS!

For dinner we went to a place nearby and had a nice meal. Ann passed out a card game where we had to 'find a guy who __________’. Mine included “has 3 kids”, “has 3 or more tattoos  and "will give you a piggy-back ride.” Right after dinner we knocked a few off our lists with some British guys who quite willingly gave me a piggy-back ride. We headed out, trying to fulfill our cards as we searched for a bar. Ended up at, what we presume to be, a gar bar. Why did we presume that? Well the guy dancing in a speedo and the amount of hair gel and man tanks, kinda gave us that vibe. Some of them were amazing…some thought it was rude of me to 'flaunt my ability to get married’ when they could not, but overall we had a fun time there. Everyone was a bit worn out though so we called it a relatively early night and headed back to the hotel.

Once we got back to the hotel we all piled into one room to hang out. We played a few more games that Ann had planned out. It was REALLY nice to have my favorite ladies in one room together. I really enjoyed laughing and sharing stories. We played 'Katie trivia’ where I asked questions and the girls guessed. Rhea won as she knew the most about me. We ordered a pizza and eventually went to sleep.

The day couldn’t have gone better!

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