green wool hat

brosbeforedol-enz asked:

Micky came bursting into Mike's dressing room, unannounced and flopped on to the leather couch there, "Jesus man I'm beat. Like they got us going non stop man!" He put his feet on the coffee table, "I wanna run away!"

Mike was perched on top of the vanity in his dressing room, adjusting his green wool hat over his thick black hair as Micky bounded in without knocking. Since he was dressed, he didn’t mind that his best friend just barged in like that. “You ain’t kiddin’, shotgun! I’m startin’ to forget what April and Christian look like this week,” he mused, which was an exaggeration since there was a picture of the two of them next to his hip. “We get a break soon though, yeah?” he asked as he shoved himself up and went to the couch, flopping down next to the man with the chemically processed straight hair. “And if not, lie to me and say we do.”