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Felicity singing in the shower "shut up and dance with me." Oliver hears her. (I've had this idea for a prompt in my head for ages but can't write it out the way I want. So see what you can do!)

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It’s been 2 weeks since Felicity and Oliver got back to Starling City. They had to go back because Felicity found out she is the new CEO of Queen Incorporated, previously Palmer Techonologies.

It’s Tuesday. It’s only Tuesday and Felicity already wishes for Friday. She has so much to do, so many paperwork, so many meetings… Tuesday, 16pm and she is already so tired.

“Jerry, do I have any more appointments today?”

“No, Mrs. Smoak, you don’t. It’s all done for today.”

“Oh yes! Thank God. Then, I’m leaving now. I have some things to do. If anything comes up here, just call me, okay?”

“Okay, Mrs. Smoak. See you tomorrow.” Jerry says with a smile.

“See you tomorrow, Jerry.”

‘Oh my God, I can’t wait to get home and take a shower’ Felicity thinks to herself while driving home.

The way home is so boring today, she doesn’t know if it’s because she feels tired or it’s just boring. So, she decides to turn the radio on.

‘Ohhh cute song!’ she thinks while tapping her fingers on the handwheel at rhythm of the music. And the way home got less boring.

She just got home and she’s still humming the song. ‘This damn song won’t leave my mind, oh my god’ she thinks.

Felicity goes to the bathroom, undresses and gets in the shower. A few minutes later, Oliver gets home and sees her suitcase and her shoes on the living room.

“Felicity is already home? So soon?” He whispers to himself, concerned.

Suddenly, he hears noises coming from the bathroom. He starts walking towards the bathroom. When he gets to their bedroom’s door, he starts to decode the noises. She is singing. Felicity is singing. She is singing in the shower.

‘Why is she so cute?’ He thinks to himself while he does that head nod he only does when he thinks about her, huge grin on his face.

Then, a few steps ahead, he starts to decode what she is really singing:

Oh, don’t you dare look back

Just keep your eyes on me

I said “You’re holding back”

She said, “Shut up and dance with me!”

This woman is my destiny

She said, oh, oh, oh

“Shut up and dance with me”.

He can’t help but laughing. She is so adorable. Then, he has an idea. He goes to the living room and sets the sofas back so they have more space, then he chooses a song on YouTube and just stands there, waiting for her to come to the living room.

Oliver hears footsteps, she is coming.

“Oh my God! Oliver, you scared me!” She says right after almost screaming and having an heart attack. “Wait, wh- what is all this? What did you do to my living room?”

He presses play on the song, starts walking towards her, grabs her and says:

“Shut up and dance with me.” Huge grin on his face.

“Oliver! You heard me singing, didn’t you?” She can feel her face getting hot and red.

“Oh I did.” He just can’t stop grinning.

“Oliver Jonas Queen, you idiot. I hate you, okay.”

“Nop.” He accentuates the ‘p’. “Actually, you kinda love me… a lot.”

“Yeah right…” She says trying to make an angry face, but failing miserably. “Pluuuus, I thought you didn’t dance, Mr.”

“I’m making an exception.” He says looking at her softly and smiling.

“Oh, you make exceptions? Wow.” She teases.

“Felicity, you are my exception. You’re the one, you’re it. So yes, I’ll make exceptions. I’ll love you no matter what and I’ll make you as happy as you make me.”

“You’re an idiot, but I love you, you know.” She cups his face and caresses his cheeks with her thumbs.

“See? Told ya you kinda love me like a lot.” He says grinning, his hands resting on her waist and hers wrapped around his neck.

“Idiot.” She starts laughing, and he kisses her, a soft, yet sexy kiss.

Then, they break the kiss in need for air and he looks at her and thinks: ‘This woman is my destiny.’

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Afire Love


It has been two months since they left Starling City and everything in it. The danger and the threats were now gone with Ra’s death and the League having Malcolm Merlyn as the new leader. At least for now. Felicity wasn’t completely sure what the mass murderer psychopath was planning for their upcoming future, but at this time her mind was filled with happier thoughts.

 When they left, Oliver kept the destination secret, leaving her in the dark about the true purpose of that unexpected trip to nowhere. She knew there had to be more than just an adventure for two where Oliver would eventually find out who he really was, now that the Arrow was dead. Actually, not quite dead. He faked his death. I mean they faked his death. And it wasn’t even the Arrow’s death. It was Arsenal’s. Who was alive. Because they faked it. Oh god, Felicity thought, I can even babble in my mind. I really have to stop doing that, she continued scolding herself.

But as it turned out, they finally arrived in Coast City and she could have bet at that time that they were about to meet with an old friend of Oliver’s and then get themselves into a very ugly problem. As always.

Instead, the only person they met in the next couple of weeks was the receptionist of the five stars Diamond Coast Hotel and the only thing they got themselves into was an enormous hotel room. Which Felicity hadn’t had time to even give it a better look before Oliver lifted her up seconds after entering it. Not that she was complaining. His hands were then on her waist, not to keep her up- her legs wrapped around his middle and her arms around his neck where enough for that. They were there because he wanted them to be, and God, she wanted them even more. He was holding her just as he did that night in Nanda Parbat. But instead of passionately kissing her, he held her gaze as he walked towards the bed. His eyes held every emotion he kept himself from showing in the last year.

 They shared that one night in the league’s chamber but this, this was different. There was no rush nor danger obliging them to get most of the night. And in her mind there was no plan of how she could get Oliver drugged and everybody out safe and alive. No, all she could think about was the emotions in his beautiful blue eyes. Love, astonishment and most of all, desire were flouting out with such intensity, she felt her heart growing and blustering to get out of her chest. 

As he reached the bed and sat both of them down on it, with her on his lap, his hands moved from her waist to her arms and then slowly started taking her white jacket off. She stayed still till he finished and then she did the same with his leather jacket. Her glasses were next. This time she was the one throwing them away because his hands were too busy lifting her green shirt. She wanted to get rid of his too but as soon as she saw the look on his face when she was left just with her bra, she stopped. It wasn’t the first time he saw her like that but the look he had made her cheeks get red. She was about to say something to ease herself of the tension but then his lips were all over hers and his hands cupped her face and she forgot everything that was on her mind till then. 

It was the first time they kissed since she left him in Nanda Parbat and she wasn’t exactly sure how she succeeded to survive all those weeks with just the memory of it. It felt as if she was able to breathe fresh air again after drowning for a very long time. And she realized he felt the same because all the tension in his arms eased and he broke the kiss to let out a breath of relief. She opened her eyes and locked them on his trying with all her being to tell him everything she had to tell and was afraid of saying out loud because of her babbling and no-filter brain. 

But then she realized she couldn’t tell him with her eyes that she really needed to take a shower before continuing what they were about to continue. They’ve been on an 8 hour drive and she forgot to wear deodorant.

 Of all the things, she forgot the deodorant. Couldn’t she have forgotten anything else. The deodorant had to be the one? And oh my god, she’s been naked on his lap for some time. And she must’ve been stinking.

“What’s wrong?” Oliver asked, sensing her mood change, a frown appearing between his eyebrows. 



"I forgot to wear deodorant and we’ve been on an 8 hour drive and I forgot to wear deodorant” she explained trying to get off of his lap. 

“Felicity…” he said holding her in place, a smile appearing on his face.

“I have to take a shower.”

“No, you don’t." 

"Yes, I do. I probably stink. More than probably actually” she continued and tried once again to get away from him. 

“Fe-li-ci-ty” he said bringing her even closer to him till their chests were touching.“You smell good. Amazing even” he started calming her which was not helping.“Stop worrying” and with that he leaned closer and started kissing her neck. Okay, she thought, this helps. A lot actually. 

But then his hands moved to remove his own shirt revealing his perfectly worked out body. How could she still lose her senses after seeing him shirtless multiple times already? Shirtless all the time. 

She raised her hand and touched lightly where the bratva star tattoo was. He left a growl escape his throat and then she raised her eyes to his only to be taken aback once more when he stood up, holding her still and then letting her down on her back on the bed with him above her. 

The floor kept on filling with their clothes until there was nothing left other than skin covered in sheets and hands finding their right places.

The passion that followed kept them awake till the sun decided to set and they finally came to the agreement that rest was needed for the both of them.

And then sleep came with his arms holding her close as her head rested on his chest. It was the most perfect thing in the world and she believed she could stay like that forever. Next to him. That was the way she wanted to stay for the rest of her life. Next to the man she loved.

“I love you” he whispered then in her hair, mirroring her thoughts. It was a barely heard sound, his voice hushed off by the tiredness.

Her heart shipped a beat. It was so simple and true her vision became blurry, tears threatening to come out. It was just the fact that they could now say that out of nowhere without any reason at all. It was perfect.

“I love you too” she responded turning her head to see his face. He was asleep and all his features looked peaceful. She smiled and then returned to her initial position letting sleep take over her too.

The next morning came and she woke up feeling rays of sunshine warming her back. During night they both changed positions and ended up on their sides facing each other. He was still sleeping with one arm around her pillow and the other on her waist. 

I can get used to this, she thought smiling to herself while touching his cheek. She expected him to open his eyes in an alert and * way but instead he just smiled. 

“Morning” he said opening his eyes to look at her. 

I so can get used to this, she thought again.

“Me too” he told her and she realised she said that out loud. But it didn’t bother her. That was a thing worth saying and he deserved to hear it. Especially after last night.

“How was your sleep?” she asked him.

“Dreamless” he answered simply but she knew he wanted to say more so she waiting for him to continue. “The first time in ages that I really got to sleep the whole night. No nightmares or dreams to wake me up in the middle of the night.”

She smiled and stood up bringing the sheets to her chest. 

“Thank you” he then said. 

“For what?”

“For being here with me, for believing in me, loving me, saving me, for everything” he said in a breath and she looked at him having no idea what to say in response. ‘You’re welcome’ didn’t sound like the best reply. So she just smiled and lowered her head to kiss him.

 And she did got used to that. In the next few weeks, they just slept, made love and when especially necessary, ordered room service because going out to eat every time they were hungry meant they had to wear clothes and it was so much better not to. 

After a while they changed the hotel and decided it was time to see the city. So they found time in their schedule to go to a fancy restaurant or see a movie. They did things normal couples would do. Things she never thought she’ll have the chance to do with him and she enjoyed every moment of them. 

And then one morning she woke up to one of the worst nausea she’s ever had. Good thing the bathroom was closer to her side of the bed. She blamed the Thai food they had last night, which she was completely sure had peanuts in it. She hated peanuts at that moment more than ever. 

But the same thing happened again the next morning, and the morning after that and in short time she realized something was wrong. Her period was late, but it wasn’t like the first time that happened. And she was taking her pill every day since they left. Or did she forget one day to take it? Could this happen? She kept asking herself. 

It hadn’t taken Oliver much till he realized something was wrong. And Felicity had to use a lot of conviction and reassurances that it was just the flu so he would not drag her to the nearest hospital to find out what was wrong with her. 

And after that she waited. Maybe it truly was the flu and him not taking it meant one of two things. One, he was immune to it as well. Two, it was not the flu.

But now she knew that even if Oliver was immune to the Alfa and Omega Bio weapon, he wasn’t to the flu. At least not to the flu she had. Or at least not for another eight months.

Felicity found out yesterday. They just left Coast City and at the first gas station he stopped she told him she needed to buy some snacks for the road. But instead she brought a pregnancy test and in the next 15 minutes she knew. 

If Oliver sensed something wrong with her mood, he didn’t say and she was grateful. She needed some time to process it before telling him. And she didn’t even know how to tell him. How will he react? Will he be happy about it? Was she happy about it? She wasn’t sure of any of those things. Not even now when she was about to tell him. 

There were near Los Angeles now. The sun just rose and their car was the only one on the highway. Oliver stopped on the hard shoulder near the ocean with the excuse of stretching themselves. After all, he said, they’ve been driving all night. Or at least he did, she slept most of the trip.

The sunrise was incredibly beautiful. It held the begging of a new day and the promise of a wonderful weather. And she hoped to enjoy it even if she had no idea what was going to happen. 

“Oliver-” she started turning from the sun to face him, but he was already there, in front of her. For a moment there she lost her words. How had she again planned to tell him? “I… I have something to… to confess” she continued babbling in a way she rarely did. Usually the words would come out in a storm, never letting space for someone else to comment. But now she couldn’t find them, or at least use them correctly and fluently.

“I know” he said simply and when she raised her eyes to see the smile and happiness written all over his face.

“What?” she couldn’t believe her ears. How did he know? How was that possible? “How?” was all she felt able to ask.

“You really believe I didn’t notice your morning sickness for the last 3 weeks, or the fact that you are craving mint chips all the time and you feel tired more easily." 

It was all an affirmation, not a question. She felt her stomach drop. He knew. All this time. He knew. 

"Why didn’t you say a thing? I’ve been melting my brain here since I found out. And it was yesterday. How could you not tell me a thing???” She asked in disbelieve.

“I waited for you to tell me. And you didn’t seem ready at all. You still don’t” he said bringing his arms around her.

“But you knew…”

 "Yes. And I thought you wanted to wait more to tell me. Actually I was relying on that. I didn’t want to ask it with you thinking the reason was this" he said and looked down at her belly. “Which is not. I wanted to do this for a long time now but I just couldn’t find the right moment or place or the right way to do it-”

“Oliver, what are you doing?” Felicity asked but she knew the answer already. Her eyes grew bigger at the realisation that this was actually happening. 

Oliver didn’t answer at first. He didn’t answer at all. He took a step back and with his hand he brought a little black box  from the back poket of his jeans. He fell to one knee taking one of her hands in his free one. She just couldn’t believe what was happening. He looked so happy and confident of what he was about to do, it melted her heart. Her legs were spaghetti and her brain was trying to process everything on turbo speed to keep up. Everything was getting her so dizzy.

“Felicity Megan Smoak, will you marry me and make me the happiest man on earth?”

And as he asked he opened up the box to reveal a beautiful silver ring in shape of an arrow pointing a stone. A diamond. A green diamond. 

She raised her other hand to her mouth to stop the sob that threatened to escape. She never thought this will happen. Yes, they were a couple and yes, they loved each other with all their beings, but this, marriage, was a whole new territory and it was as frightening as thrilling. But she did want to spend all her days with him, to be always by his side, to be his anchor and he hers, to be the person he confessed everything to. The person that would make him happy for all of their mortal eternity. She wanted all of those things and so much more.

A shade of worry passed his face and she realised she only said that in her head. Stupid brain, why was it doing everything exactly the opposite way? She took her hand away from her mouth and as tears began to form in her eyes, she whispered:


A barely heard sound which he understood anyway because in a moment he took the ring from the box and placed it on her left hand, and in the next he was back on his feet kissing her as if there was nothing else he would better do on the entire planet. And maybe there wasn’t. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he held her tighter to his chest. This was what she wanted because this was right.

“So I guess now this means we are heading to Vegas?” he asked on her lips.

“Yes, but not for what you think. I’m not wedding you in Vegas. Thea would kill us both. And Dig is already mad at you, you don’t want him even madder” she said and he laughed sourly.

“You’re right. But the fact that we’re bringing Sara a future playmate, I think will sweeten his heart a little bit.”

“Maybe” she said imagining little Sara playing with their child. She laughed to herself. “Till then, we still have to go to Vegas. My mother will be so delighted to hear the news. I think she’s been waiting for this since she first saw you.”

“Your mother waited for this since last year?” he asked astonishment and amusement all over his face.

“Yeah, she said something about me lighting up like a Christmas tree when you walk in the room” she said watching how his eyes grew smaller and the love filling them. “Too bad she wasn’t around you when I entered the room. I am curious what analogy she would use then, but I think I’ve already got a pretty good idea” she finished climbing on her toes to kiss him. And it was perfect. Everything was perfect. 

When they finally decided it was time to hit the road, Felicity walked to the car feeling dizzy and happy. She thought if there was a heaven, this would be it. 

Then everything went to hell.

A car appear from the around the corner coming right towards her with frightening speed. She didn’t see it. But he did. From that moment, everything happened in a heartbeat. He run and pushed her out of the speeding car’s way giving her time only to turn and see his face before the car hit him.

 And everything went black.

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