the signs as greek gods/goddesses
  • aries:ares (determined, impulsive)
  • taurus:hephaestus (kind, peaceful, has a jealous side)
  • gemini:dionysus (fun, lighthearted, easily misunderstood)
  • cancer:artemis (friendly, protective, sensitive)
  • leo:zeus (regal, in control and strong)
  • virgo:poseidon (noble, critical, and moody)
  • libra:aphrodite (attractive without trying, has a seductive nature, vain)
  • scorpio:hera (majestic, vindictive)
  • sagittarius:athena (wise, strong, a mediator over a fighter)
  • capricorn:hades (dark, passionate)
  • aquarius:demeter (generous, understanding, respectful)
  • pisces:hestia (forgiving, centered, calm)


This week I discovered the work of Spanish graffiti duo Pichi & Avo. Their juxtaposition of the ancient with the modern have me geeking out. This past July, during the North West Walls Street Art Festival in Werchter, Belgium the pair created a canvas out of stacked shipping containers. The result was a towering layer of Greek Gods sprayed in radiant colors, layered with orchestrated bursts of graffiti…take that Olympus.

via Colossal

Terracotta head of Dionysus 

Dionysus was the Greek god of wine and pleasure, in the Greek and Roman Period (in roman he is known as Bacchus) he was immensly popular. On the gods head we can see grapes and his beard has typically Greek curls. 

Greek or Roman, Late Hellenistic or early republican Period, around 1st century BC. 

Source: Metropolitan Museum