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❉ GREEK U: Recruitment Chair’s Survivor Guide to Spring Recruitment! ❉

sorority sugar Premier Tier Apparel Sponsor GREEK U has the most customizable greek fashions and some fabulous advice for Spring Recruitment Chairs too! Greek U’s Lory Passov shares her personal TIPS for being the best recruitment leader on campus! 


 Sorority Recruitment Chair’s Top 5 Steps to a Successful Spring Recruitment: 

Being the Recruitment Chair is like running a small nation, while at the same time planning a wedding. I applaud you, while I also feel for you and the craziness that is about to take over your life. Having survived every recruitment as an undergrad in various roles and to varying degrees of success (yes, I may or may not have cried a full river on the 3rd day of recruitment over only having 10 minutes to eat lunch) here are my top steps to surviving recruitment and not losing it!! 

Step 1: Get a planner and start using it…now!

The key to not losing your mind during all of this will be organization and life planners are a Recruitment Chair’s savior. Some of our favorite customizable ones are:

1) Plum Paper Designs: They have cute designs you can customize, and they are relatively inexpensive and can ship quickly :)

2) May Designs: You can customize your planner online and they even have sorority patterns for Panhellenic sororities!

3) Erin Condren: Basically the holy grail of life planners, she pretty much invented them.

Step 2: Delegate!

The best way to keep up with all of the tasks that are required of you is to let your sisters help you. Let them know where and when they can help out. It helps to keep a log of who is assigned which tasks and when they are due so you can check in with your sisters. But also make sure every task has someone assigned to it. This will keep you sane and make sure nothing is over looked. 

Step 3: Simplify Where You Can!

Simplifying whenever you can, will make getting everything that needs to be done easier on you. If you can order your centerpieces, decorations, flowers, balloons etc.. from one place, do so! Less vendors to keep track of and less worry about scheduling deliveries.

I also recommend ordering your recruitment and bid day shirts online where you can SEE the pricing already. It can be a total pain to call around, send over designs to try to get bids, pricing and designs drawn up. If you can preview right online, change the colors, style of shirt, text and then just order immediately ~ even better! The more you can simplify getting recruitment shirts the better. GREEK U offers this time saving service (yes, I am slightly biased) but calling around to get quotes and trying to draw up a sketch in your binder when you have a million other things you need to do, is not a situation you want to be in.


Step 4: Sleep When You Can and Be Sure To Eat Regularly with Healthy Snacks!

It will do no one any good to be running on fumes, so you need to make yourself and your health a priority. The best Recruitment Chairs are ones who get enough sleep and take snack breaks to refuel. If you have more tasks to tackle, but it’s already midnight, text some sisters to help you in the morning and go to BED! It is much better to get a few more hours of sleep under your belt and then start your mountain of work the next day. Before prep week and recruitment week starts, pre-make healthy snacks that you can have ready and waiting for you whenever you start to feel your energy waning. Remember throughout the whole process: you are a priority and need to put your health first.

Step 5: Laugh Often!

Laughter really is the best medicine and it will keep you and your sisters sane during what can be a rather stressful time! The best way to do this is to gather up some funny viral videos and share them with your sisters during recruitment practice and before the recruitment events. You and your sisters will be more relaxed and able to let your true personalities shine during recruitment!


Lory Passov • GREEK U


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