Good evening Wastelanders! The meme has been fully updated for your reading and writing pleasure. A sampling of some requests made this week include Arcade the flirt, plenty of action for/to/with/on our favourite ghouls Charon & Raul (and Grecks), and what if Khan!Courier was at Bitter Springs?

  • Something old: Mysterious Stranger/Miss Fortune, ’The Urge Hums’ 2/2
  • Something new: F!Courier/Raul, ’Purity’ 1/1 (mild body horror)
  • Did you know we have a fanart tag? Take a peek at some of the nifty art anons have submitted over the past year and a half.

so I was wandering around freeside on a quest,

when I ran into a ghoul I had to get owed caps from.

he scared the crap out of me. he was slightly deformed, and even though he was distressed he’s constantly friggin smiling.

dear god.

but I was nice. as my overly kind courier always is.

one of these days I’m making a character that is a complete jerk to everyone, does everything she shouldn’t, and is prone to violence.