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Should everyone start out with a .22 revolver, or at least a revolver? Of course the answer is yes, and sadly very few people do these days. I would be interested in your 100% agreement, or your pitiful attempt at explaining ‘not necessarily.’

Yeah I totally agree with you, for a first time handgun I would recommend a .22 revolver, just to learn basic handling and marksmanship. Then I would move up to a .22 auto, and larger calibers from there.

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Change ‘Cruz’ to ‘Nugent’ and ‘Nikki Haley’ to ‘Bobby Jindal’

As in Ted Nugent? I’m not so sure. He’s great and all at what he is doing, but I file him in the Donald Trump part of my brain in the land of “well, that’s a thought, but I don’t think so.”

I do like Bobby Jindal though. Do you think his lack of name recognition would hinder him? He is more well known than he used to be. 


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First off, we are a Republic, not a Democracy. Second, we’re not talking about what we are - we’re talking about - the kid was talking about how this country was founded. And you better believe religion played a HUGE part.

Ever heard of “the lemon test” ?  We are, were, and will continue to be a secular representative egalitarian democracy, no matter how much you wish we weren’t , or wish we could be anything but that.  It is in the principle that the state should forever be fire walled from the church that we bring something new to the human condition of citizenry and government both.  This kid got it in one.  It’s curious that folks much older than him still haven’t.  Curious, and dangerous.