I hate my bangs!

Woah! The weather here in Shenzhen is so hot and humid, it changes from heavy rain to sunshine in less than a minute.

About a month ago I cut my bangs with some new barber scissors which I bought in a small, chaotic and slightly crappy place that sells stuff to hair salons.

That was probably a bad idea. Yes, it looks wonderful but it needs a lot of maintainance. Bangs get greasy faster than the rest of my hair, especially my ends are very very dry. Then the second problem is my hair is not straight. If i want my bangs to lie straight down I have to use my flat iron. But usually I don’t care if the bangs are “curved” and wavy since it matches to my hair better.

And then the weather. Any kind of hair that is in my face makes my face sweat like crazy. It has nothing to do with me having oily skin. Here in Shenzhen everyone sweats outside on a hot summer day. 

So far i guess I trimmed them two or three times every one and a half weeks because when it grows out a little it won’t stay in shape, rather block my sight and poke my eyes.

I wash my hair almost every day now especially when I have been outdoors a lot and sweat very much. It is very bad for growing out hair but when I skip a day and not wash my hair then I usually regret it. Having greasy sweaty hair with styling products from the day before…ugh!

I feel like I’ve wasted most of my hair spray just on my bangs. It is often windy outside, so without (a ton of) hairspray fine hair like mine will fly all over the place and the bangs will be blown into ten different directions. But with hairspray it feels like I am wearing a helmet. 

Most Chinese people have thick and straight hair -unless they bleached it, then it is just completely damaged (but still thicker than mine). I guess my hair is not made for this climate.

I will start growing out my bangs. Even though my hair looks even more flat and thin without them. Having short bangs clipped to the said or swept to the side is kind of ugly. I will have to live with that for a while.

<-this is me sitting in a cafeteria (xDDD!)