A couple months back I had the opportunity to shoot some photos for my good friends Switchfoot’s new album #fadingwest .. Go and check it out on iTunes!
#greathumans @timforeman @jonforeman @dailyfoot (at #fadingwest - Switchfoot)

On the train to SD with one of the amazing @peyotebeats and see this angel. This kid and his dad had to sit in separate seats and this girl next to him stopped watching her movie to let him watch a movie and just got permission from his dad to buy him a Dr.Pepper and Doritos.
The #greatness in #greathumans

"Does it look like I’m looking at him, cause I’m not. I’m looking at the TV."- One of my favorite couples. @_cassadilla @codynutter Late night supper. #greathumans (at Kerbey Lane Café)

Carlos Escario, is one of the many great servants of this world. Carlos is a Strategy and Execution Coach, Motivational Speaker, and so happens to be my Mentor. Carlos met me on a flight to Ghana in 2011, saw light in me and has since mentored and coached me to share my message and fulfill my mission of impacting lives. #CarlosEscario #pyinternational #greathumans