greatest ever

today I had a really good moment, tumblr. 

A student of mine was refusing to work in one of their classes, and while the teacher was talking with her she made a concerning enough comment that she was walked directly to the counselor’s [my] office. She said she didn’t do any work because she didn’t see the point. After a few minutes back and forth about plans/opportunities/choice etc, I asked her what her take away from our conversation was. She looked me dead in the face, her eyes a little bit wide, and said: 

“I need to get my shit together.” 

Teenagers, y’all. 

took everything in me not to laugh in her face. 

But she uh, wasn’t wrong. 

(to be fair, I didn’t tell her she needed to change anything, I just talked with her about what she thought her opportunities in 4 years would look like. She decided she needed to change something.)

((Also, don’t we all, teenager? Don’t we all, indeed, need to get our shit together?”))


Took Hugo out for a play in the field near my house and he had the best time! Thanks Jamie for coming with me, and for taking better photos on your proper camera :)


Try to see what I see. We’re so lucky we’re still alive to see this beautiful world. Look at the sky. It’s not dark and black and without character. The black is in fact deep blue. And over there! Lights are blue. And blue in through the blueness, and the blackness, the winds swirling through the air… and then shining. Burning, bursting through! The stars, can you see how they roll their light? Everywhere we look, complex magic of nature blazes before our eyes.


If you google “the greatest love story ever told”, the first result is the story of Dean and Cas

“The story of a man afraid of flying, and an angel afraid of falling, who somehow met in the middle.”

“People aren’t exaggerating when they call Destiel the greatest love story ever told.”