Discernment Update

I’ve been discerning religious life for four years. FOUR.

Anyway. For the past three years I have been positive of my vocation and I was not easily distracted or confused. I was certain. My heart was steadfast aimed at religious life, and yes I occasionally thought about marriage, but my attraction and desire for religious life was always so much greater than that of marriage. My greatest struggle was when I would join and what order. I closed the door to marriage and I was okay with that. I didn’t think twice about it, because I was going to be a religious sister and that was all I wanted.

And now here we are. Four years later and I’m back to where I was in the beginning. But I’m not the same person. Four years if discerning religious life lead to me falling in love with Christ and His Church, learning about the faith, understanding the Eucharist, trusting Christ, and more. I was a mess before I started discerning. I knew nothing about the faith, I didn’t like Mass or confession, I didn’t believe in the Real Presence, and I had believed many of the lies of the world. Discerning religious life is what brought me out of that and made me who I am today.

Right now, a spark has been ignited in my heart for marriage. The desire is there like never before and my desire for religious life has decreased in comparison. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be a sister, because that life is still so beautiful and if the Lord calls me to it I will run to the convent with the greatest joy. But, it does mean that all my certainty is gone and four years of discernment feels like a day. I just keep thinking about the beauty of marriage and how important that vocation is. Holy Catholic families are incredibly important. Many saints become who they are because of their families. 

So, I decided, because my heart belongs to Jesus and I trust him more than anything, that I will pray the rosary everyday from Easter until September 9th (3 consecutive 54 day novenas) for three things. One: if I am called to religious life then for peace to fill my heart and clarity to return. Two: if I am called to marriage then for a holy Catholic man to enter my life. And Three: for the Catholic Campus Ministry at my future college (I had to throw that in there!). So, we’ll see what happens. 

No matter what my vocation is, I can say with great confidence that these past four years have not been wasted. I have grown in love with Christ and His Church. Discerning religious life has prepared my heart for being either a sister or a wife. I trust the Lord and I know that whatever vocation I am called to will bring glory to God, lead me (and others) to heaven, and will fit my heart better than any plan of my own. 

So, that’s the update. I am discerning religious life and marriage, but mostly I’m just abandoning all to God and trusting Him. My life is forever in His hands.

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It seems that most people are ok with Naruto and Sakura' s bond being greater than his marriage because it takes a slight dig at NH. But that would also mean the bond is greater than her marriage to Sausuke, for all the same reasons. Its strange that some people are defending the statement, which doesn't make much sense to me, but everyone sees things differently I guess.

That was my point. But let’s get over it, its no big deal.

Feud Alert! Ramona Singer Throws Shade at Patti Stanger, Matchmaker Responds: ''Put Down the Pinot Grigio and Come Clean''

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Shots have formally been fired, people! 

Last month, Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger appeared on Watch What Happens Live! the place she alleged that she as soon as noticed Ramona Singer‘s estranged husband Mario cheat on the Real Housewives of New York star (the pair is presently going by way of a divorce after greater than 20 years of marriage). 

“I was there that night…

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