January Superstar

Name: Stitch
Breed: Black Lab/Shepherd/Dane
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Male

Stitch is an adolescent, BIG puppy with a big heart and a big personality. He was dropped off at a vet clinic to be euthanized after his owners ran him over badly breaking his hip. He was “just a farm dog” so worthless to them. Not to us! He had surgery to remove the shattered part of his leg (FHO surgery) and is healing well from it beside. He will likely always limp and be weaker on that leg but it sure doesn’t get him down! Stitch is fostered with other dog and does well but no cats or small dogs for him please. He loves to fetch, swim, and run. Stitch needs a home with a patience for the vocal ones and no shared walls since he likes to voice his opinion about everything and anything. He is very smart and boy does he know it. He knows sit, lay down, and thrives on learning new things. He would do best with an experienced, adult home who can be a firm but loving pack leader to him. He will test the limits of a new home and, hard as it is to resist his adorable face, he needs to have rules and boundaries in place in order to behave himself. Stitch has difficulty holding his bladder, presumably from being run over. Because of this and because he grew up as a farm dog, he would do best in a fenced farm type home setting where he can be outside more often than not but still be a house dog at night and during extreme weather.

Requirements: No kids, no cats, and a physically fenced yard.

You can email with questions and for a preadopt application. This dog has been spayed/neutered, vaccinated as age appropriate, tested for heartworm disease if age appropriate, and dewormed.

This dog is located in Minneapolis, MN.