First ever attempt at anything pixel.  Just a cute little sea witch that travels with her cute sea creature friends doing cute things together, with absolutely no terrible things happening at all.  Not disturbing in the slightest.  Sal is trash.

GIFpocalypse Now Starring Trollando Jones

You’re welcome —

I like it how people describe something hard as “like learning a foreign language”, while I use that to describe something fun

i should have drawn this a long time ago


AU: Damon and Caroline team up to keep Stefan and Elena apart.

sooo a year ago today I fell down the rabbithole and I thought I’d take that opportunity to say thank you to the many great people I’ve met during the wild ride that was finding out about and falling in love with HarryandLouis’ love. seriously, you guys are amazing and you mean very much a lot to me. shhh hover over your name for a little message

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well alright then, carry on with your day, I hope you’re having a great one! hugs to all of you ♥ (: 


I never really posted about football in detail to my followers but I think after what happened yesterday I think I should share it.

This man is Luis Suarez from Uruguay, and currently played for England’s club Liverpool FC. He is a very talented player, always scored, and is very loved by his club and his country. 

Nevertheless, he is a very controversial player. He have known to BITE (literally) two players before. This time in World Cup 2014, in Uruguay vs Italy match, he have bite another player again. This is the third time he bit another player on pitch.

Player’s That Luis Suarez have bitten:

  1. Otman Bakkal (PSV Eindhoven)(2010). He bit the player around his neck. Suarez was playing for Ajax that time and was banned for 7 games. 
  2. Branislav Ivanovic (Chelsea FC)(2013). Suarez bit the Chelsea defender on his right arm and was punished and banned for 10 games. He have issued an apology letter and determined to improve himself. 
  3. Giorgio Chiellini (Italy)(2014). Late in the second half, Suárez bumped into Giorgio Chiellini, an Italian defender, while jockeying for position in the penalty area and then dropped his head into Chiellini’s shoulder. FIFA is currently investigating the case. 

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what if for s10 cas can’t find any/loses his grace and becomes human again and dean possesses him and gets inside cas’ head and understands how cas feels about him and he feels the same way too and they connect and just completely utterly fall deeper in love and they decide dean would stay in cas and they just have conversations and meet in his mind and have picnics and dean would make cas do silly things and they just laugh together and their memories meld and as cas gets older dean keeps him alive so they can be together forever it would be the ultimate destiel relationship

I’ve never really watched 30 Rock, I’ve only ever really seen it in passing and never been super invested, but looking through the very small 30 Rock tag I have on my blog, I really kind of want to.

I don’t know when I’ll start it, but it’s on my list. Sometime soon, I’m sure. Because what better way to avoid the complications and responsibilities of real life than to binge on Netflix, amirite?

Also Netflix is a bro, but sometimes I wish it weren’t? I went to the page, and I’m in season three and I had a moment where I thought…when did I EVER watch this? And then I remembered I watched a handful of episodes of 30 Rock back in 2011 when I was writing my final paper for my AP English class about television screenwriting, using Emmy-nominated/Emmy-winning material as a bench mark of quality. And Netflix remembers that. Netflix knows.

anonymous asked:

I really want to write a Zatch Bell fan fiction about the next battle. I don't have many ideas plot wise I have a lot of really great teams in mind. How should I start it?

tbh I’m very deferred from fics about the next battle because I just want to read fics about the canon characters but SO MANY zb fics on have the same description about how it’s been 1000 years since the last battle.

however, that’s not to say that a new millennia fic is impossible to get right. if you want to have a good start, I’d recommend starting out in the mamodo world first. too many fics just jump ahead into how their two OCs partnered up from what I’ve gathered from skimming many of these new battle fics before I ended up closing the tab. go into how zatch’s reign shaped how the mamodo world has been run for the past 1000 years and how this affects the upcoming battle. otherwise, it comes off as being so disconnected from the canon that we know and honestly then I wouldn’t care about reading it.

I haven’t created any zb OCs myself yet, but the whole mamodo/book owner mechanic does have a lot of potential for interesting character dynamics. that’s good that you already have a lot of ideas, since you’ll need a lot of them if you’re set on writing this to the end of the battle. as a general rule, just try to avoid borrowing too much from what the team dynamic of what any of the canon teams are like. and try to avoid having characters that are descendants of the canon characters because that’s really cliche.

as for the plot direction, hm that depends on what you’re trying to get done with this fic. zb’s very character driven and a lot of the plot revolves around kiyo and zatch bettering themselves as people as they become stronger along the way in order for them to become the big damn heroes to save the day. what did you have in mind for your main characters?

look what i started playing instead of writing my formal lab report oops


Well, since two giveaway blogs did similar giveaways to the one I had planned, I guess I’m going to scrap tonight’s pokemon and find a new one, since I doubt anyone wants it. Which is a shame, since I had three or four boxes. Oh well; I can always Wonder Trade them after my St. Patrick’s Day WT trading, and there will still be a giveaway!