Make me Choose:

>Anonymous asked:Ryan or Ray?

"Gavin, I wanna make something clear… the ‘friend' part of frenemies… just wore off.”

"I don’t like it when Ryan says sentences really slowly with big pauses."


So, it happened. This blog has officially reached 500 followers.

I was sitting and trying to come up with a way to say thank you, and then I thought that I should just do a follow forever thing. To everyone: thank you for giving me the motivation to work on my gifs and to run this blog. Thanks to the people that follow me - because you remind me that I have to do something to make it worth your while; and thanks to the people that I follow - because your work inspires me.

So, here we go!

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This letter goes from me, to you. You all are still as perfect as the day we met. (I would have played a song but I can’t)

The Great Ace Attorney’s TGS has been released

The latest in the ace attorney series is due to be set in England, featuring not only Phoenix Wright’s ancestor Ryunosuke Naruhodo as well as other prosecutors which also includes the likes of Sherlock Holmes and his 8 year old pink haired sidekick Watson.

Watch the video here, to see more from the game, which includes a demonstration of Sherlock’s phenomenal deduction capabilities.


Sherlock/Benedict parallels [1/?]
↳ [Benedict’s] first memory is of staring at the sky…. When Benedict would cry, [his parents] would carry his pram up to the roof and point him skywards. Then he would become still. He would smile. And often, he would sleep. He, remembers, still, the wonder he felt at this: “A vision of sky.” | GQ