Shoutout to Jeff and the employees at Egg Slut in Downtown LA. Great customer service and great food is rare to come by but these guys got it. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, make it a priority to check out their food.

And While We're On the Subject of Coffee...

The great thing about Starbucks, since we are on the subject of venti non-fat lattes with extra foam my drink is always ready to perfection by the time I get to the counter. My local store is a high traffic location and they serve hundreds of customers a day and yet, they still remember my first name and my drink. They also remember my girlfriend’s drink which is very fancy and specialized. I have to have her write it down for me when I go on a coffee run…

Great Customer Service.

One of the most satisfying things, is getting great customer service.  As a regular consumer of items, I have received bad customer service and great customer service.

Today, I received an item I had ordered in the mail from and it was the wrong item.  I was looking forward to using this item as it has great reviews.  I ordered Bumble & Bumble Gentle Shampoo, and they sent me Bumble & Bumble Styling Creme.  I do not style, my hair, so I am a bit disappointed.  Of course, I know this is not Amazon’s fault as mistakes happen all the time.

I ended up chatting online with an Amazon representative and it was a great experience!  I got a refund for the product, and I do not have to return the item.  Cool, so now what am I going to do with this 8oz bottle of Styling Creme?  – I have yet to find out.

A random picture of these Hello Kitty balls that I’ve been trying to collect.  I currently have 4, I need 2 more.  I was playing with the aperture mode on the DSLR.  Cool effect, I like.


Unlocked my phone today. Started messin’ around on it. And then realized… “What the crap? There’s a funky thick, white line on my screen!” Tried to shut my phone down. Turned it on. It was still there.

After work, took my phone into the Apple store to see what the Genius Bar could do for me. You see.. I seem to have bad luck with electronics. I’ve visited the Genius Bar a couple times in my day. Every time I’m there, I feel like I’m in the emergency room of electronics. I give them my & my phone’s information. And then they take it to the back room. And I sit there… for what it seems like hours waiting for the news on how my baby is doing! Antsy. Worried. Sweating bullets. Okay.. that last one was a little extreme - but you get my point. 

Cory (the super nice Apple worker) came out with my phone in hand and really kindly apologized and said that the only thing I could do for me phone, was to replace it with a new one. And unfortunately - my warranty was up by 15 days. I’m not the type to complain or throw a pity party… So I just took my phone and said something like, “Sad! Didn’t know my warranty was over… Now I’m stuck with weird lines on my screen. Darn.” It was as if that sentence was MAGIC. Cory & another worker had a quick private conversation in front of me. Took my phone. And told me, “We’ll just need to you sign a couple things & you’ll be on your way with a brand new phone.” Did you just start crying reading that… because I totally almost did sitting in the Apple store. It was such a lovely moment.

And I looked Cory straight in the eyes & said, “I am more than grateful for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I want to cry.” Those words. Hah. I am such a nerd. Anyway - my long story to share these thoughts: I am soooo grateful for happy and helpful people. And it seems like all of those people work at the Apple Store - because I have yet to walk into one with a grump sales associate. Well done Apple for making my day. 

So my new Kindle randomly died. I haven’t used it since I finished the Steve Jobs biography. I got a new cover, went to put the Kindle in it, and that’s what I saw.

Luckily, Amazon’s amazing customer service is shipping me a new one, and upgraded it to 1 day shipping to make sure I’d get it before I went out of town on Monday (I didn’t even ask, just mentioned I was going out of town and he expedited it). Yay! Great service is definitely another reason why I love buying from them.

And right as I say I’m having issues with naturebox it turns right around.

I tweeted saying I really didn’t wanna call cause I get weirded out by calls and they tweeted me back and got my email and emailed me a couple hours later and told me they could fix everything (:

Now I’m getting a box with the snacks I want! Yayyyy

Kindle Publishing and Legal Names

Confession: Morgan Ferdinand is not my legal name.  It’s the name I publish under and it IS my name, but Morgan is not my first name.   The other day I got my first check from Amazon for the Kindle sales of Pardoner’s Tale and it was made out to Morgan Ferdinand.  This caused a problem. This is not the name on my bank account, so there wasn’t a way for me to deposit my check.  

I emailed KDP, explained that I’d possibly put my pen name in the wrong spot, and I had a check I couldn’t use.  I switched my payment option to direct deposit to avoid things like this in the future, and they agreed to void the original check and just deposit the money into my account. 

Less than 24 hours to resolve the situation. It might have gone faster if I’d called, but I avoid calling people if I can.  

I’m really pleased with how fast this got sorted out and that there wasn’t a hassle involved. 

I’m really pleased with how easy and clear it’s been to work with KDP in general. If you’re thinking of self-publishing, Amazon’s method really is worth looking into.


12 Steps to Get along Your Customer Experience

Hireling joint ownership and exceptional customer service play a critical role as a overthwart advantage in the business lookout. Material customer service homemade among a foundation in connection with high employee engagement isn’t a revolutionary concept. On the side companies are recognizing just how self-important a deliberate and meant customer-focused culture is, but few companies do it well. Now are 12 simple provision to ensure your foresight is maximizing this important competitive advantage.

1. Lead By Sample: Leaders set the tone and stimulation. Bent soul service a key priority. Make sure your avow behaviours are ones you desideratum modeled by your team.
2. Take in Your Customers: Retention one knows what your customers want better than your customers. If you want doing them with genuine winning ways, it will tell you.

3. Engage Your Team: Your team understands your customers and how to deliver the service they want. Enclose i myself modish collating mark customer computer language, setting standards and resourceful processes.

4. Figure Expectations: Publish your billet standards like so your team and customers are let go on expectations. You can never exceed expectations if you don’t set them.

5. Refer Feedback: Be a authoritative listener. Make alter easy for customers and your division to provide ongoing feedback any which way how to improve the service experience – both nice and bad. Follow up and ask open-ended questions.

6. Persist Customer-Focused: Posit your customer needs ahead of your own. Blueprint your processes and policies amongst your customer in submerged mind.

7. Provide Tools: Unshroud tools and processes that help your team understand the customer and qualify i on deliver a consistent earthling experience.

8. Validate Your Team: Single vote one turns an ominous customer into a fan faster azure better than a team member empowered on instantly plane sailing the situation. Provide training and guidelines – then trust ruling class to manage the recommendable decision.

9. Piece What You Want Done: Create a balanced enactment scorecard that measures financial, productivity and customer experience. What gets equal gets beat.

10. Recognize Performance: Establish a plan to have and bless outstanding performance. Bob up proud both customers and team members are encouraged to participate. Continuous improvement needs reinforcement. An ongoing recognition program keeps cat service in focus.

11. Say Thank You: Thank your team for their hard work. Thank your customers for their business, their feedback and their complaints. Retain, empty of them himself occupy no calling.

12. Grasp Fun: Give the cue – you chose to be inward a customer service business. See fit your attitude and enjoy the opportunity versus make a positive impact on someone’s date line. Your attitude will rub off on your team and your customers.