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Alright, so my friend and I went to the SWS & PTV World Tour in Orlando, FL on February 26. It was so insane and such a great performance from all bands. We were some of the last people to meet them so they were really nice and took their time. I got a hug from all of them and everyone was really nice asking how I was and how my day had been. I obviously couldn’t stick around and talk to them all day so we just had nice small talk. When I got to Pierce the Veil, Tony and Jaime gave me the biggest hugs ever and talked to me the whole time. My friend was taking pictures while Jaime was hugging me and you can see Mike staring right at the camera. She said after that he posed for the camera but she didn’t get a picture lol. They were really amazing on and off the stage and they mean the world to me. 

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(i'm not using a theme of yours, but it doesn't matter for this question so i hope that's alright) i was wondering who your favorite theme makers are because while you're themes are really really beautiful there aren't many of them and none fits my blog very well so i thought maybe you knew someone who makes good themes or ones that are as cute as yours..? thanks so much!! :)

Thank you!

I have a list of recommended theme makers here who are all talented and make great themes. (^ω^) Personally my favourites are:


I am going to talk for a minute about why Meryl is one of my favorites.

I have been a skating fan since watching Peggy Fleming back in the day. I grew up in Michigan and skated on the lake like most people I knew. I don’t remember anyone not having a pair of skates. But watching Peggy glide across the ice and jump was something else again. 

 Over the years I have watched a lot of skating in all the different disciplines. My son competed for a while and I learned a lot more about it. It is not about the best jumper or spinner only, it is the mental toughness. Many skaters have been said to leave it on the practice ice. When the pressure is off they are beautiful but they can’t put together two great performances in front of the judges. 

Michelle Kwan would concentrate so hard waiting for her music to start it was like a wave of fierceness was washing over her. She would pull into herself and refuse to fail.

Meryl has that same quality. Over the years you could just see it getting stronger. Becoming the character and refusing to be defeated. Refusing to be anything but perfect. 

For all the people that see her just as sweet,classy and talented.You are missing my favorite part of her.


Hello, Tumblr friends. I know I’ve posted about my little friend Gunnar before but I have some updates that aren’t so great. For those who didn’t see my last post, Gunnar was born with a severe heart condition and was scheduled to fly out to California with his parents so that he could have surgery that would help improve his condition and quality of life. His parents, Danielle and Tom, had started a GoFundMe to help defer the cost of flights and hotel stays since they’re from the east coast and this would, of course, be a long journey.

But this week, they found out their insurance company won’t cover a damn thing — not the surgery, not the hospital stay, nothing — and they have to figure out a way to pay out of pocket. Additionally, the insurance company told Danielle that they don’t know why she’s going to “all the trouble” to get Gunnar the surgery when he “only has a life expectancy of five years anyway.”

If you can help in ANY way, please donate to Gunnar’s GoFundMe page. And even if you don’t have anything to give, please do me a favor and reblog this post so we can get the word out and try to help this baby boy. I’m so sick over this and I can’t believe how the insurance company is treating my friends. This little man is an absolute fighter and he deserves some help.

Barista!Johnny snippet

So I had some really really great coffee today, and Kaner is “more mobile than expected”. (Good work, Tazer.) Obviously I wrote a pointless snippet of a barista!Johnny/smitten patron!Kaner AU to celebrate these things.

Patrick’s distracted the whole time he’s placing his order. Texting as he’s ordering a vanilla latte. Sending six appalled emoticons to his sister as he’s handing over his credit card. He’s typing furiously as the guy hands the drink to him, nods his thanks, heads out the door, takes a first sip as he’s typing one handed and stops in the middle of the sidewalk.

He stops so suddenly that a guy slams into him and the latte goes everywhere. “Fuck, no!” Patrick yells, because -

Because that is like, the greatest coffee he has ever had in his life. The guy who bumped into him is apologizing, clearly a little taken aback by Patrick’s outburst, but Patrick waves him off; it’s his own fault for being distracted. And his coat’s thick enough where he wasn’t burned at all, so -

The only real loss is the latte itself, and that is - that is really not acceptable, on any level.

He turns immediately and heads back into the cafe.

“Having problems?” the barista says, mouth curved a little at the corner. 

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INFJ Confession #339

Though I’m a great writer, I find myself less and less able to express myself verbally. I’m ok at chitchat but I hate having deep/emotional/confrontational topics sprung on me because I need time to plan; my mind locks up if I try to have an ‘unscripted’ conversation about it. I sometimes plan parts of even casual conversations in advance. I wish I could communicate with most people solely via written word.

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when you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. check my blog to see what I said about you! ❤❤❤

clumthod danyjonnes mikescliford these three are my best friends and god knows how they still handle me. We talk to each other for like 24/7 and my life would not be the same without them. 

ashton5sos i hate her but idk what to do without her anymore. She’s a total ass but i love her v much and she is amazing tbh

independencesday outofmylimits lewi5sos lukesos irwnx #BADASSQUAD we freak out together everyday and they’re all so talented and i love this girls so muuuuuuch

lukesgetaway GABI IS SO SWEET AND FUNNY AND AMAZING SHE IS MY TWIN AND I LOVE HER V MUCH. We spend hours talking about shit and truly love her

malunm she is rude af but i love her so much. She is an amazing person and an amazing friend.

irweicake shybabyluke they are just so great? They helped me when i needed most and they r such great girls. I love them as well.

celmmings noa is so talented and amazing ilh

mpregashton pary is a such great writer and great person

hemmojaw kaity as much as pary is an amazing writer and a beautiful human been

michael5sos she is just so funny and sweet glAD in have her on my dash

lucasfletcher loveslashton noahshaw clemminqs jpglashton lashtonhuman​ MY PEOPLE. We share this love for lashton and thank to them my dash is full of joy

sethcohenezekielstinsonsbarney#shitsquad these two are truly the most funniest ppl i’ve have ever met. I love them so fucking much

bustedfanifucponesmy two best friends in rl i only am what i am today bc of these two idiots. Not even kidding.

calum5sos hemmingslukeys michaelgordns englishlovaffair hemmosource longwayhom saintskidds dylanobriehs dougstyles soooo important for this website. They’re all so cute and precious dude

octaviablaked and then, you. You r my wife and i truly love you. You are so amazing, lovely, sweet and talented. You was one of my first friends here and im glad for our friendship.

and tbh i love all my mutuals and they r all like friends to me and idk man i just wish all the best for they all

I just came out to my sister, and despite the nagging anxiety of BUT WHAT IF lurking in the back of my head, she took the news like a champ, just like the sensible part of me thought she would. No matter what, I’ll always have her support, and I’m really happy about that.

We both figured our mom will probably be fine with the news, if kind of lost, but I’m still delaying because she’s kind of a blabbermouth and can’t keep secrets well, haha. I don’t really want to deal with family fallout until things are well underway and there’s nothing left for them to do but splutter to themselves, because things are obviously working out great for me. :P

my dad has this new thing now where every morning he asks me how my people are doing (meaning you guys) so i just want you to know that my 67 yr old father has great concern for your well-being and he hopes you’re all doing well.