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8 Myths About Happiness You May Unknowingly Believe

Mind Body Green writes:

Happiness is one of the great mysteries of life. We wonder what will make us happy and work for more of it, yet often get frustrated and discouraged. We have the best intentions, but often unknowingly get in our own way.

The first step to happiness is an awareness of where we block our own path.

1. You have to be perfect (or at least try) to be happy.

There’s a difference between striving for excellence and pursuing perfection. We believe being perfect can keep us safe from hurt, rejection, judgment and failure. Because the end goal of perfectionism is to get someone else’s approval, you end up doing things and being someone that does not actually make you happy.

2. Engaging in habits that help you “check out” will make you happier.

There are a variety of things we say we do to relax and comfort us, but in reality, we use them to check out and avoid uncomfortable feelings. The obvious include overeating, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. But there are so many other “tools” we use to numb feelings including: overextending ourselves, hanging out in overwhelm, worrying, Internet surfing and overspending. These behaviors may be immediately gratifying but over time, leave you disappointed in yourself and prevent you from dealing with what is actually making you unhappy.

3. Hiding out from the world makes you feel better.

When we feel unhappy, often the tendency is to hide from the world and isolate. A little alone time is helpful but it’s also overused and overrated. We feel happiest when we are connected to others. Going it alone may seem impressive but sharing our selves with those we can trust, helps us feel understood, accepted, loved and happier — especially when we feel down.

4. I’ll be happy once I __________.

Happiness and a mindset of scarcity or lack cannot coexist. If you believe some part of yourself is not enough, you live as if it’s true. The opportunities to find our selves insufficient are limitless and the trashy self-talk becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The truth is, we are enough when we are doing our best and are feeling proud of who we are.

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happy holidays!!  it’s that time of year again, so here’s a list of some of the people who make tumblr awesome. 

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Joe Cocker & Leon Russell - The Letter

Joe Cocker, dead at 70. One of his great performances. Godspeed you Mad Dog.

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Merlin + Arthurian quotes

Fate, Merlin always said, is inexorable… . So many died. There was so much heartache, so much blood and so many tears that they would have made a great river; yet, in time, the eddies smoothed, new rivers joined, and the tears went down to the great wide sea and some people forgot how it ever began. The time of glory did come, yet what might have been never did …
Bernard Cornwell | The Winter King

#screaming about the other thing to come later  #but i have to deal with this tonight  #you know that scene in every romantic movie  #where the heroine is surrounded by people and there’s a thought bubble hanging over her head  #”yes i’m doing fine but”  #”my country estate is great but”  #”i am looking forward to my career as a governess but”  #if only my beloved were here and not brooding heroically at sea  #if only i had been braver and told him my feelings before it was too late  #and then like moses parting the red sea the crowd opens up and there he is standing alone in the distance  #looking the best a human man has ever looked  #AND YOU WANT TO FLY INTO SPACE AND INVENT A NEW NUMBER AND RUN THIRTY LAPS AROUND YOUR HOUSE  #STRAIGHT-UP VICTORIAN REALNESS  #i cannot believe we got this  #i cannot believe how raw her relief is  #i. cannot. believe. it.  #homeland spoilers  #homeland 

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We have the great pleasure to announce you we will have a livestream on the 27th of December, at 9pm here in France so check your timezones if you want to be there =D 

We are sorry we can’t give you a proper video as a gift for Christmas but we barely have the time to see each other lately, let alone filming ! So we hope you’ll enjoy this little livestream waiting for the moment we’ll be able to film something and we hope to see many of you there ! =D

We will take Truth or Dares but as usually we take the liberty to choose the ones we want to do and refusing those we do not feel confortable doing ! =D

So remember, Saturday 27th of December at 9pm here in France !! =D

We love all of you sweet pop corns !!! Hope to see you !! 

Not entirely great with social media but I figured I’d give it a shot. 

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