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MUST READ: My Sister’s Grave by Robert Dugoni

“My Sister’s Grave is a chilling portrait shaded in neo-noir, as if someone had taken a knife to a Norman Rockwell painting by casting small town America as the place where bad guys blend into the landscape, establishing Dugoni as a force to be reckoned with outside the courtroom as well as in.” —Providence Journal

Oh, you guys, we loved this one! Honestly speaking, it would be a great TV series to watch. Fingers crossed, we hope someone magically picks this up! Meet Tracy Crosswhite, a homicide detective with the Seattle PD, who has dedicated her life to hunting down killers. Seeking justice in the world and in the legal system, Tracy wants to answers she never obtained when her sister, Sarah was murdered over twenty years ago. Her suspicion is that the convicted murderer in Sarah’s case was unjustly charged. Finally after Sarah’s remains are found near her hometown, Tracy desperately pursues the past in order to silence her agonies. What is uncovered is a grim and dark ending.

The first in a series, Dugoni’s My Sister’s Grave is intelligent, well-written and superbly authentic. Dudgeon prompts us to deeply care about Tracy and Sarah. His characters are believable and inspire sympathy, as well as empathy. If you enjoy crime thrillers, suspense, police investigations and courtroom dramas, this is your next pick! A classic premise, a quaint American town awaiting a twisted ending, My Sister’s Grave is nothing short of entertaining. 

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Neymar’s series about his life off the pitch has been nominated for an International Emmy award in “Digital Program: Non-Fiction” category. Winner will be announced on April 13.

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Whoot look who’s nominated for an International Emmy award!!


Taryn Dunning:

"Everything was backwards. Snatched by his claws, all that I worked for was erased. None of my accomplishments could pull me out of this one. The depressing thought raced in my head over and over, replaying every heart-wrenching moment that were now bittersweet memories. It was over. My chapter has closed, and now it’s time for me to take one last bow."

did anyone else watch cucumber? is anyone really, really distressed still? because i 100% am and i will not sleep tonight. it was an exceptional episode, it’s a great series (as are banana and tofu,) rtd is a fantastic writer and every actor is brilliant, but i am so disturbed and i can’t get over it. i honestly feel really shaky and sick. i think we could all tell it was coming, particularly when there was the warning in the last ad break, but nevertheless, i didn’t expect that. when it said violence i thought he was going to beat him up or something similar, which is bad, but my goodness. i suppose the foreshadowing was the whole flashback beginning, but good god. i can’t get it out of my head. for at least 10 minutes i was just sat proper still saying no over and over again. ps a+ hazel cameo

quick edit: apparently there was a bit at the very start that said his birth year-2015, i was about 5 or so minutes late starting the episode so i missed that part