great night

So yeah I’ve been keeping this a secret for a few days now, but I went on a date tonight and it was actually really really amazing :) I don’t wanna jynx anything but I think this one actually has potential!

yesterday (9th October) was such a great night! Had lots of fun and the boys were really good and you could see they are having fun too :)

and i am so happy that Matty and Adam came out after the show, even though Matty tweeted that he’s sorry he wouldnt come about “because he’s got grpwn up work stuff to do” appreciate that a lot <3

and they were so sweeet omg. i got this picture and my ticket signed, and they were hugging everyone.

george was playing football next to the tourbus and ross was chilling next to him , but whatever i am happy i could meet anyone from the band.

this is literally the best night ever! still cant realize all this really happened to me

And i absolutely like Matty’s shirt. I even think he got it from a fan while the show :) not sure, but i aasume he did