#happymonday everyone. Here I have advices for bleach hair @jackangel17 (hope you gonna find it useful) I work a lot with models that have bleach hair so I tend to give the some advice of how to look after your hair. ▪️so first of I know you never want to cut your hair but specially bleached blond needs a trim at least ones every six weeks even if is just half inch you will help to get rid of your frizzy ends ▪️please make sure you read my posts about how to wash and comb your hair is very important that you don’t cause extra damage specially washing your hair with hot water..such a big mistake ▪️the main reason why bleached hair feel so dry is because with this treatment you remove all the protein (protein is essentially what hair are made of) in your hair so here is what you can use that helps to put protein back to your hair: 🔵I recommend to do a mask treatment ones a week I found this one from #wella #repair that is really good and what a would do as well is to put five drops of olive oil (rich in protein) into the cream before putting it into your hair. Also a very good product-a part your styling product-is #morocconoil just a couple of drops before dry your hair (make sure you rub it in your hands and distribute evenly just on the length) is great as a finishing product too just to give extra moisture and shine (be careful just use a little) and last but not least if you want to look beautiful on the outside you need to start from the inside…because you need protein #omega3 supplement is the best to reinforce your hair. Just choose whatever brand suit you best. Just one more thing..avoid as much as you can hot tools Pictures are some of my work #bmagazine #missoni #graziait #vogueaccessory Hope you lik it