041 A member of a Tribe?

So. Sorry about this taking so long. I wanted it to be good before I post it >:I 

So this AU is veeeery heavily inspired by the game ‘Forest’. 
I really like the game and I when I played it for the first time I was like ‘how awesome would it be, if there were different tribes and stuff? :0 so awesome!’ And now there are actually diferent tribes xD so cool. 
I actually alerted the tribes a bit, (y’know in the game they are pretty much the same, the models for different tribes are really similar, only difference being like, starving canibals who are thinner.) 
   So I gave them different clothes, and different Gods and stuffs. 

Also I posted some concept art

Warning for cannibals, their meals,  plane crash casualties, and everything in beetween. 

'This is the last fucking time I babysit you idiots!' Was the last thing that Roy had yelled, before a weird noise sounded and the plane went down.

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