I feel like the TMI fandom should see Isaiah Mustafa whilst not in character as the Old Spice guy. He’s a bloody sweetheart is what he is!

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how did you find the wicked eyes and wicked hearts mission on your 2nd playthrough? i haven’t even finished it once yet, but i’m not looking forward to having to do that mission again when i reply it. :/

I found it a little easier the second time because I knew what to say and I had the nobility perk so I could talk to some of the nobles and that pushed my rating way up! Like I had 100% court approval before I went to meet Florianne in the courtyard. 

The only thing I’d suggest is not to waste the halla you find early on and just save them for when you go into the grand apartments area.


I can’t even. This is our Luke and it’s amazing :D

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obvious much? XD

My slash OTP Magnus x Alec. 
My femslash OTP Izzie x Clary or you know, Izzie and Maia since she totally suggested it in the last book. QURL. 
My endgame OTP Jace and Clary, through thick and thin, always and forever. Also Jace x Sarcastic wit.
My crack OTP Church x Chairman Meow, awww yeah get it you little fluffballs.
My guilty pleasure OTP I don’t think I really have a guilty pleasure ship, but I can tel you right now the Simon x Jace x Jordan broT3 is the best thing to ever happen to me.
My anti-OTP Simon x Clary as anything other than friends, Sebastian x Izzie because bro, no, he killed her little brother – that shit ain’t romantic. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY JACE X SHITTY THINGS HAPPENING TO HIM, BECAUSE JFC THE BOY NEEDS A BREAK.

I just saw the casting for Luke and Alec… Idk how I feel about this tbh… I’ve been so insanely happy with all the casting decisions so far but im not so sure about these two.

Let’s talk about Luke. He is being played by Isaia Mustafa. This guy:

First of all, I don’t think anyone ever imagined Luke as black, but I honestly can see Luke’s fierce warrior/caring parent personality in his eyes and somehow I just feel like it could work well even though its not how I ever pictured him. What I don’t like is his description. “ Luke Garroway is an NYPD detective investigating a string of ‘demonic’ murders.”? The idea of Luke being a demon hunting detective is one of those things that I kept hoping was only a rumor. It goes against his whole character, he is supposed to be a small bookstore owner who sort of stays under the radar. This is the exact opposite of that really. The rest of the description is perfect, thought “Luke feels a fatherly instinct to protect Clary, a strong affection for Jocelyn and has secrets of his own. Once a strong and powerful Shadowhunter, he has since become the thing he once hated most – a werewolf pack leader.”

Then there’s Alec. Matthew Daddario has been cast for him:

I actually really like this one. He look a lot more like Alec to me than Kevin Zegers ever did. I really hoped the actor would have blue eyes, since thats a major part of Alec’s appearance. I mean, “black hair and blue eyes are my favorite combination”?? But I was kind of preparing myself for the possibilty that he wouldn’t. They could have him wear contacts, but I really don’t think it’s that necessary. I kind of like this actors eyes as they are, and I know contacts can be distracting or be bad for the actors eyes. His description was kind of perfect tbqh “He’s tortured by his romantic love for Jace, who is his adoptive brother and fighting partner. The eldest of the group, his strict moral code forces him to follow the law to the letter.” that basically sums up the Alec of CoB and CoA pretty nicely as far as I’m concerned! The only small problem I have is the fact of the Lightwoods being a mixed race family. Alec and Izzy are supposed to be biologically siblings and I always saw them as looking similar. But there is absolutely no resemblance between these two.

:// oh well. I could get used to it, especially if they are good actors and can pull off the characters personalities well then it could work. We’ll see.

Now we just have to wait for Magnus, Jocelyn, and Valentine and I think that would be all of the main characters from CoB!!! I’m so excited for this second chance we’re getting here! I just hope they will do it well this time..