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omigosh um if it's not too much trouble, do you know where I could find the english translation for the 2nd knb novel, the one with those aomomo screenshots? if you do, thank you so much in advance! <33

I’m sorry but I don’t know! I haven’t read them yet and I haven’t looked for them. Maybe someone on here will know? :) 

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Hi! Thank you so much for introducing me to No.6! I just finished it and it was so beautiful and the ending left me so sad and hopeful! I've completely fallen in love with Nezumi and Shion now hehehe

Oh my… Alanna-san, I’m so happy~

Yes, yes! No. 6 is indeed one of the most beautiful BL anime/manga ever. And I’m glad you love it, too. ^w^

The anime is not the end yet, Shion and Nezumi’s story continues in the manga. Although it was already completed last year, there’s a drama CD that is expected to be released this year and the seiyuu of the anime hinted something about a “REUNION”. I am hoping this is finally the time for both Shion and Nezumi to be together. 

Tagged! I’m it! (I guess. Thanks Leekey)

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1. Tell me about your favourite childhood memories.

My most memorable I think would have been the time I was brought up and raised in Sydney, Australia.

2. Do you have an inanimate object that you treat like a child?

My sonics. My phone. My books. My heart.

3. What are the ideal characteristics for your significant other?

Must. Have. A. Pulse.

Also please please please don’t be boring.

4. What is your greatest achievement?

Breathing the current air. Also driving my grandad’s Jaguar would come close actually.

5. Would you give up question no.2 to get someone to be with you? If so, who would it be?

Honestly, those things are apart of me and they’re what makes me me. If I have to give up a part of myself for someone else, then I might as well be dead because I will never do that. Love me with my warts. Don’t love me because I “promise” to remove them.

6. Future plans?

Which one? I have several. Plan A, B, C and none of them have to be in the exact order.

7. Do you believe in horoscopes?

I don’t. Yet I find them funny when they’re accurate. Maybe I secretly do sometimes.

8. A funny story that happened to you

This one time, at band camp…

I'me lying I was never in band. But here’s a story that isn’t funny but it hit me much harder than most of my other stories. It was the day of Eid 2013 and I was celebrating it with my family in Sydney. I was heading over to my neighbourhood mosque to do Eid prayers when I saw the gates were closed. I was wondering why until I saw a sign saying that prayers will be on the following day. That made me doubt whether that day was Eid or whether it was still Ramadhan and I got a little bit concerned. A man then came up and was surprised to see the gates were closed. I explained to him the situation and he was just shaking his head. And then he spoke 5 words that stunned me. “We make our religion complicated.” He then wished me a Happy Eid and left. Those words and that man basically confirmed every annoying thing I felt about the so-called leaders of the religion. Those words are still with me

9. Do you think your life is much better now than it was before?

Well, it could be worst. But I remain thankful for what I have.

10. What are you listening to?

The sound of my ceiling fan

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2. Are you happy?
3. Your goals and ambitions
4. In your own words, what is the exact function of a rubber duck?
5. Fetishes and fantasies
6. An ideal scenario.
7. Do you believe in the concept of soul mates?
8. Do you believe in magic?
9. If you could do anything, absolutely anything in this world, what would it be?
10. Your favourite things.

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I bet if kuroko wasn’t so invisible he’d have so many admirers I mean kyaa kuroko-kun is so polite and gentlemanly and he’s so kind and sweet and he’s so good with nigou kuroko-kun kuroko-kun


people would crush on kagamin because he’s hot, but I think more people would genuinely admire kuroko because he’s so fantastic ahhhHHHH

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Hi! What show was that with characters Nezumi and Shion is it nice what's it about :333

It’s called No. 6, Alanna-san. It’s a very good anime about Nezumi and Shion and their struggle to have a better place within “No. 6”, the name of their city. It’s one of the best shonen ai animes ever. And yes, I could say Nezushi is already canon. :3

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Omg one thing that makes kagakuro so cannon to me is how kuroko and kagami have like absolutely no reaction to momoi or even alex like nope sorry we don't swing that way brah (on a side note, have you ever drawn momoi or alex before? *-*)


and no, I haven’t drawn either of them before! ovo

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Same here. T.T

Alanna-san, he resorted to the comforts of water upon reading the message…the way he responded…it was so obvious how much it affected him. :(

I know it may sound silly because they are just rp blogs but to think someone had messaged something like that to Haru really made me sad. :(

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Oh right! I also want to thank you for posting knb because it was what influenced me to watch it and right now it's my favourite ever and I love kurokaga so much hehe. <33 I was wondering if you any other recommendations? :))

I’m happy~ Yay! Welcome to the knb fandom. ^^ I love kagakuro/kurokaga too. ^^ They are so cute, aren’t they?

What types of anime do you like?

I watch a wide range of anime series but…Let’s see…The anime series I’m watching now are Hamatora, Nobunagun and Ace of Diamond.

Hamatora is more of an action-packed anime with a little gayness in ep. 6 (s2g this ep. is so hilarious ^w^). I ship Ratio and Birthday so hard here. ^^

I was initially interested in Nobunagun because Zakki and Tatsun were voicing two of the main characters. ^^ But it’s better than I expected. Some gayness here and there but all in all it’s full of exciting fight scenes and of course humor from the main characters. I have the feeling Tatsun’s character will be paired with the main female character, Shio.

Ace of Diamond is a sport anime focused on baseball. I am honetsly attracted to Miyuki Kazuya here and I’ll never be ashamed to announce it to the world~ ^w^

I recommend Kyoukai no Kanata too. It’s a supernatural anime which has action, romance (or bromance for Hiroomi and Akihito ^w^) and drama. It’s cute. ^^

Enjoy watching, Alanna-san.

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Omg like I often see headcannons of Kuroko getting moody or jealous or mad and kagami's just this super chill dude so I bet when kagami actually gets mad for once kuroko just internally freaks out about it

he freaks out about it but not in an obvious way, he just gets even quieter than usual and approaches teppei or hyuuga to ask for some advice ;O; cute lil kuroko