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hey guys!!!!

first of all, i cannot believe the flood of followers ive gotten recently. literally all of u r super duper cool and i rlly appreciate the support and compliments ive recieved :^)

im thinking of doin a lil celebratory thing once i hit 200 (im at 150 rn i think), but i have literally no idea what to do for it. if anyone has any ideas, send em in or hmu, either on this blog or on my personal. id rlly love them uwu

second of all, im so sorry i havent been on recently!! ive been rlly busy, mostly working on a kanaya cosplay and out of town. im actually in the car on my way home from vacay atm, so ill get on to answer q’s tonight B^) go ahead and send some in if u want yo!!

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no but can you imagine dan and phil as fathers together and their little girl has a really nerdy name and phil tries to bake her birthday cake but it goes really wrong and they like vlog her important milestones and when she’s sad all three of them build a blanket fort and cuddle and phil is her best friend because he has the same sense of humour and dan rolls his eyes at them when they’re being silly but really he’s smiling and oh my god my heart on second thoughts dont imagine that

french speaking roxy who only learned english as a second language

french speaking roxy who makes so many typos b/c shes translating in her head quickly

french speaking roxy who accidentally switches b/t languages when talking

french speaking roxy who cusses at her friends in french just to frick w/ them

french speaking roxy with an accent

french speaking roxy

a trans guy who wears dresses isnt any less of a guy

a trans guy who wears makeup isnt any less of a guy

a trans guy who likes the color pink or “girly” animes or high heels isnt any less of a guy

a trans guy does not automatically become a cis girl or genderfluid or any other gender than the one he is the moment he likes something thats traditionally “feminine”

alternatively titled: gross indie songs i listen to at 3:54 am

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swimming pool // the front bottoms | green eyes // wavves | money // the drums | sleeping sickness // city and colour | car radio // twenty one pilots | night on the sun // modest mouse | fallingforyou // the 1975 | ho hey // the lumineers | dont cry out // shiny toy guns | the boy who blocked his own shot // brand new | the water // feist | take me to church // hozier | whenever you breath out, i breathe in (positive/negative) // modest mouse | kettering // the antlers | blue skies // noah and the whale | the frames that used to greet me // into it. over it. | metaphors // keaton henson | medicine // the 1975 | toothpaste kisses // the maccabees


things not to say to or ask a trans person

  • so whats your REAL name?
  • haha but so are you a boy or a girl??
  • whatd you look like BEFORE tho??????
  • but your REAL gender is [assigned gender]
  • youre not [male/female] b/c that refers to the sex
  • i cant use your pronouns until you have surgery
  • but you HAVE to be either a boy or a girl!!!
  • so does that make you straight or gay?? haha lol
  • using your preferred pronouns is so much work tho
  • but you dont LOOK trans!!!!!!

one of the things abt no6 that isnt rlly talked abt but is still my fav is just how casual every character in canon is abt nezumi and shion’s relationship. like the only time sexuality is mentioned is when the prostitute is like “oh sweetie doesnt swing that way?” and even then she just shrugs and moves on. and i know that discussions abt sexuality are important and i appreciate them when they take place, but its also sort of nice to have a moment of casualness, of normality, surrounding queer relationships in a world where it otherwise has to be explicitly stated that this character is this and this character is that before continuing that romantic plot line. it feels more natural that way, because its not being forced to be put apart from straight relationships and therefore made to be even more “out of the norm.”