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Is it possible to eat completely healthy and right without being vegan?

Hello! This is a matter of opinion, I feel, but I am happy to give you my viewpoint. I used to be vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan in the past myself, as I discussed here previously. I loved eating that way, but to cut a long story short, it really didn’t suit my body. I know others who have found the same to be true for them. I also know a lot of very healthy, happy vegans, whose bodies are doing very well indeed and this just goes to prove that we are all different! What is true for one person is not necessarily true for another. You have to ride your own bike.

No matter how carefully I supplemented, and how hard I worked to ensure I had all the right components in my diet, I just didn’t look or feel my best. When I added in fish and later, chicken and turkey, my body came back to life. My hair and skin were noticeably in far better condition and I just looked and felt so much brighter. My cholesterol actually improved significantly when I added eggs and more oily fish to my diet. I have fairly regular blood screens and all my vitamin levels and organ function tests come out great, so I think my body is happy 😊

I enjoy quite a few vegan/vegetarian meals every week, just by choice, as I feel that they are healthy, vibrant foods and I really enjoy them. I think that a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole-grains is the key to health whether you eat animal products or not, though.

I personally find that my body seems to flourish especially well when I give it plenty of healthy fats (from oily fish as well as avocado, eggs and a sprinkling of nuts and seeds) and a moderate amount of gluten-free grains. I think as long as you are eating responsibly-farmed meat, preferably grass fed and locally sourced, in reasonable quantities, it can be a perfectly healthful component of your diet.

When you say eating ‘right’ I think you probably just mean ‘healthily’ but if you actually mean ‘on a moral level’, well, that is something only you can decide for yourself. If you choose to eat meat and fish, I personally feel you should be able to face and accept the fact it does come from animals and for me that means two things:
-I focus on the gratitude I feel every time I eat meat or fish and make sure to say a silent ‘thank you’ for the life that was given so that I might eat. This makes me feel I am making an active choice; I am not doing it mindlessly or carelessly and I am acknowledging the sacrifice that was made.
-I am very selective about which products I buy and consider the welfare of all the meat/fish we consume. I only buy free-range and organic where available, which of course includes eggs.

In summary, I personally believe you can be perfectly healthy eating either a vegan or an omnivorous diet, but it totally depends on your individual body. You have to listen to what it is telling you and act accordingly. Life is your own little experiment; try things out and see how you feel! Ultimately, only you can decide how you wish to nourish your body. Deep inside, you know what is best for you 😊

I hope that helps a little bit, friend. Have a beautiful evening 🌸

I know you don’t remember
as I remember

But once, years ago,
you were completely
enamored by the way your
shirt smelled of my perfume

It was after a night we were together
sitting side by side under a moon
Before you had to go back home

And as you rode back to your city
on the train
17 hours to be exact, you
wrote me how you could still
smell me

In the way you chose
those words
I could feel your love

And for years after, I would
wonder if I’d ever feel that

Now, it seems enough to
have felt it that way once and I’m
glad it was with you

—  Kimberly Arcade, Memories

I’ve been journaling everything I can on this journey. It’s making me realize that I have the absolute most incredible story. I realized today that I have maybe one of the most amazing lives of anyone on the planet… And it’s only just beginning! I am so grateful I can’t put it into words. I would totally write a book someday (or even publish my journal) if the Spirits say it’s okay to release all this information… But for now, it’s meant to be secret. Which makes it even more exciting!!! Haha!

14 Day Depression Challenge

Use this 14 day challenge to improve your mood, train your brain to think more positively, and learn to help yourself feel better.

Be sure to share each day’s challenge with your followers! This will help keep you accountable and help others feel some positivity too. :) Use the tag #14 day depression challenge to find others to do it with.

I’m always available for private messaging and will gladly follow you as well. Feel free to share your daily challenge with me. :) I’m here for you!

Some notes:

  • This is not intended to “cure” depression or be a replacement for your prescribed professional routine. Just an extra fun challenge to help in addition to them.
  • Don’t feel bad at all if you miss a day or forget a challenge. We are human. It happens. :)
  • Message me anonymously for personal advice and support, or publicly for general questions. I’m here with you to help keep you on track.


Day 1 - Write 3 gratitude items
- Write down 3 things that you are grateful for in your life. (See my depression tip posts for more specific details and examples).

Day 2 - Find 1 new, positive, upbeat song
- Find a song that is inspiring, beautiful, and/or positive. Reblog it and tell us why you chose it. Share it with others so that they can see the positive energy too. :)

Day 3 - Share 4 things you’ve done this week that are positive.
- This can be anything from “I had the energy to shower today” to “I went for a walk!”. Share 5 positive actions you’ve taken this week.

Day 4 - Do 10 minutes of physical activity
- Science has proven that exercise releases endorphins and other chemicals that make us happy. Do 10 minutes of physical activity (walking, running, push-ups, etc.) Tell us about it!

Day 5 - Write down 5 things you are grateful for
- Same as day 1, except with 5 new items! Share them with us. Feel free to explain or just post them in a quick list.

Day 6 - Get out of the house and do something new
- This can be window shopping, going for a walk to a new place, taking a bus somewhere and getting lost. By stimulating your brain and your body, you get out of your “depression zone”. See my post here for more ideas.

Day 7 - Celebrate your first week by finding and reblogging 5 positive things on tumblr.
- Surround yourself with awesomeness! Search tags like “inspiring quotes”, “happy”, “hopeful”,”kittens” and reblog 5 positive images/songs/quotes/anything. Feel free to include a post about why you chose your selections.

Day 8 - Do 20 minutes of physical activity this time!
- Physical activity is again, a proven way to boost your mood. And it’s good for you! Try for 20 minutes this time.

Day 9 - Write and share 5 more things you are grateful for.
- Yes, this is repetitive. Research has shown that by taking the time to write down what you are grateful for every day, you can train your brain to think more positively which equals better mood. :) You can do it!

Day 10 -  Write a letter to your future happy self
- It can be long or a couple paragraphs. Write a letter to your future, happier self. Tell them the struggle you are going through. Tell them what you are doing to feel better. Store it somewhere safe, and then look back on it when you feel better. You’ll appreciate the struggle and you’ll be able to look back and see how far you’ve come! :D

Day 11 - Connect with somebody
- Whether it’s someone you follow/a follower, a friend, a parent. Just connect with someone today. Depression can often leave people feeling isolated and alone. Just strike up a friendly “How are you?” conversation and see where it goes. Connect yourself with someone else. Heck, I’m here too if you have nobody else. :)

Day 12: Do 30 minutes if physical activity
- I know, you’re probably getting sick of this. But trust me, it works (for most people). But you have to stick with it. You can do it.

Day 13 - Find a healthy-ish recipe and make it!
- Good nutrition is vital to good mental health as well. Try looking up a healthy variation of your favourite recipe (mmmm pulled pork) and challenge yourself to make it. :D You’re almost there!

Day 14 - Can you do 5 more awesome tumblr posts?
- YOU DID IT! :D Celebrate by sharing your successes with awesome, out of this world images.
- Try finding 5 more (different) inspiring or positive tumblr posts. These can be quotes, songs, cute cat GIFs, whatever floats your boat. <3

Bonus: Tell us how you feel now! Make a post saying how you enjoyed this challenge and what you learned/feel (if anything).

So what did you think? Should I make a 30 Day Depression Challenge?

💞✨Hello again everyone,
Here’s the cards and messages for today’s reading. All three cards are from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms deck. So let’s see what your higher self has guided you to. If you chose….
1- The High Lord of Gratitude and Service.
Firstly I’m being drawn to the crown chakra at the top of your head and you’re being given the opportunity to understand more about spiritual matters and how it’s affects your life. Allow this new knowledge to change how you do things and improve all areas of your life. You’re being given gifts from spirit, you may not even be noticing them at the moment so take time to give thanks for all the blessings you have in your life. The new knowledge you receive will benefit yourself and others and you will be called upon to share it.

2- The Sacred Union.
This card brings excitement for those single and in relationships. Things are changing and if you have been single for a while there’s movement towards meeting someone new and creating new bonds and and love on a deeper level than before. If you’re already in a relationship it’s a time to secure bonds, however I am being told for some it’s make or break. Take time to really understand each other and what your wishing for. Are you still on the same page? Know that with all relationships there’s lessons and growth and there is a sacred Union to be had for us all. Trust in love.

3- The Well Watcher.
It’s time to go deep within and pull out all the things that you’ve put off dealing with. As you do this you’ll be given new ways of dealing with your emotions. Let go of all negativity and heal in order to receive new wisdom and support from spirit. As you clear this you will connect more easily with your Angels, guides and loved ones. Again with this card you’re being given new knowledge and understanding of yourself and spirit. This will bring great healing and help you to move forward.💞✨
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it’s so hard to be a brave and responsible and consistent and mindful.

to mind my budget, schedule, self care, and professional and personal responsibilities.

im rly grateful for health insurance. and the solidity of all of my friendships. im grateful for such an efficient, reliable, active and loving group of supportive people that are here with my best interests at heart.

my fears are real and it’s hard to be told that things aren’t good. but honest people will rly enhance the quality of your life, and be active parts of helping you the best they know to. all of my friends always drop what they’re doin and they’re there for me whenever i need them super down for anything that’s going to push me toward my highest self.

they remind me to be a good mother/lover/friend to myself.

to be a good friend to others.

the ease of picking up a phone and being scared to make a call because of who is on the other end. because you’re requesting things you don’t even like admitting to yourself still. and your hearts racing and you’re trying to be calm. and knowing that they got you.

even if you have to go back and do it again, you’re being super brave. and it’s not easy.

*gives herself two gold stickers bc she is a brave lil engine* 🌟🌟