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Well good night, it’s been a hell of a few weeks leading up to this #election. I’m obviously sad and disappointed at the result but that was then this is now. I’m motivated to hang with my people and keep trying to make #society and the world a little better in my little way whenever I can. If the #Government is not compassionate, then we must be at the #grassroots. Stay awake people, don’t wait three more years to get engaged in #politics. Everything is #political. Let’s all be the change in our day to day existence. Thanks to my amazing friends @cocoscantina for the image. I love you. XOX


Today marks the launch of LUSH’s new Self Preserving Charity Pot!  With a different fragrance and a creamier formula, SP Charity Pot is everything you’d ever want in a lotion and more!  Every cent (minus tax) goes to charity!  Check out my view & compare on original Charity Pot and SP Charity pot HERE and then go out and get one for yourselves!

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How It’s Made: Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion

(I also really want to know how LUSH finds such cute compounders!)