God, no. 

I sign into here, for the first fucking time today and I see some of you so called shawols, so called blingers here fucking dragging and shitting on Jonghyun. And for what? Because he said he liked pale skin better, that he had a preference for that? I know, it hurts alot - but enough to completely downtalk him, insult him, and fucking mock him? You realize he said nothing about dark skinned people right? Realize he said nothing out of the way / insulting about dark skinned people so. All in all, I agree he did say smth messed up, but that doesn’t mean you should demonize him as that isn’t educating anyone at all? 


(interview) [hot people] viva100

q: artist you want to work with in the future? (cr.)
jong: red velvet
key: boa sunbaenim
mh: gray

q:favourite song and choreography of the released albums? (cr.)
jong: everybody
key: view/replay
mh: view
on: all of it
tm: replay

q: title songs that are most similar to your personality? (cr.)
jong: view
key: view
mh: sherlock
on: sherlock
tm: replay

q: song that made you into a singer (cr.)
jong: i believe i can fly
key: all of boa & tvxq’s songs
mh: korean anthem
on: with coffee
tm: ‘me’ by rain

q: what would you be if you weren’t a singer? (cr.)
jong: business man
key: student
mh: reporter
on: architect
tm: pilot

key about onew: have similarity ith song ilgook’s boys mingukkie (cr.)
onew about taemin: once he falls (likes) something, he cannot let it go (cr.
)taemin about jonghuyun: left handed, ab blood (cr.)

q: shinee 10 years later? (cr.)
a: even after 10 years, our members will be having fun promoting earnestly together as five. shinee forever!


star24 news - 150602 - view mv bts
(part two can be found here) (english sub)


[ENG/Stream] SHINee making of ’ VIEW’ music video - Pops in Seoul- 

Credit: Arirangkpop