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"I want to show you how much you mean to me." It seemed full of hope and now it was empty. Shaking my head, I tuned out his words because it wasn’t making me feel any better.

It was Friday and not a single word to Cameron. Kinda glad it was that way. To be honest I wasn’t sure what I’d do if I did see him again. This time it wasn’t like the others. This time he had crossed a line. He got someone pregnant, cheated on me more than once and still laid his hands on me.

I had spent too much time thinking about the entire situation. Never understood why I was the one that was supposed to give explanations to my actions but he could go right ahead and not do anything. I was just hurting myself both mentally and physically over it.

Gathering my sneakers, I brought myself back to reality and laced up my sneakers. I needed something more than unpacking, so I decided to go to the gym. This would most likely help me clear my mind and make me forget everything.

Grabbing my keys and my gym bag, I made my way out. Deciding to take the stairs, I jogged down the stairs and out to the parking lot. Quickly hopping into my car, I drove to the gym. Putting on some music as I drove, made the 30 minute drive more bearable.

Once I got to the gym, I locked my stuff away and began to do some light jogging on the treadmill. With my earphones on, I tuned out everything else. It was the only thing helping me keep Cameron out of my mind.

Almost two hours of alternating on different machines, exhausted me. I made my way back to the locker room and took a quick shower to rinse my body before changing into something clean. I gathered my stuff and made my way out of the gym. On my down the stairs, my phone began to ring so I answered it.


"Delilah." It was my father.


"Think we can have dinner together?" He asked me.

"Umm… I’m free tonight."

"Alright, how about I text you the address? Be here at 8."

"Sounds good. I’ll see you then." I agreed and hung up. I didn’t know what he wanted but I agreed to it either way.

Looking at the time I only had about an hour and a half to get ready. So I immediately got in my car and drove to my place to change.

Almost two hours later I was sitting in my car. I grabbed my purse and got out so I could make my way to the house. I didn’t know if it was his or who’s it was but it was beautiful. It reminded me of my childhood home, except for the fact it was in a whole other neighborhood.

"Delilah." My father’s voice caught my attention when he opened the door.

"Hey." I gave him a quick hug. He lead me towards the dining room.

"I have something to tell you." He said once we were both seated. I noticed how the table was for three people instead of just two.


"Delilah." I felt frozen when I heard my brother’s voice.

"Oh… Jason." I stood up not knowing what else to do.

"It’s great to see you. You look amazing."

"Thanks. So what is this all about?" I asked them.

"We want to talk about everything." My dad said to me.

"Think this is the time for it?" I asked him.

"It’s the time. This can’t wait any longer Delilah. So just listen to what we have to say." Jason spoke. I sat down while both, my dad and Jason, sat across from me.

"Fine. What?"

"I’m sorry Delilah. I’m sorry I turned my back on you when your mother died. I know I should have been there and I wasn’t when you needed me. Not once did I think you did. You’ve been on your own since you were 16, that I thought you could handle it. I was wrong. I’m sorry but I’m trying to make things right with you." My father spoke truthfully.

"It’s kind of late. I’ve gone six years without any of you so why now?" I asked both of them.

"De-" I stopped Jason from speaking.

"No. You two think you can waltz right back into my life after all this time? Jason, you’ve blamed me for mom’s death knowing I had nothing to do with it. She passed away from a damn overdose due to her medical condition." I was on the verge of tears.

"Delilah I’m sorry. I should’ve know better, but you were the one living with her. You were supposed to keep an eye on her and you didn’t. That’s why I blamed you." Just like my father, he spoke with sincerely.

"I’m seriously I’m not doing this. So please tell me the real reason why you two want me here." I looked at them.

"I’m going to be managing the new company over here and I want you to manage it with me. Whatever division you want is yours. We have a big competitor trying to buy us out, so the expansion of the company would help us out." Jason spoke.

"That’s why you two are here?" They both exchanged a quick look as if they were hiding something.

"You two are hiding something from me." I said to them. Grabbing a glass of water, I looked at them and waited to see what else they needed to say.

"So what do you say to the company?" My father asked me.

"I’m happy where I’m at. If it were to happen it’d be when I loose my job. Even so, if I took the job with either one of you doesn’t mean everything is forgiven. I need time but you two need to meet me halfway. I’ve gone through a lot that I don’t know if I’m ready to open my arms completely. As for the new company I’m very excited to see the business growing but I’m not leaving my work for it. I could probably be a consultant or something but that’s about it." I spoke.

"Fair enough." They both agreed.

It wasn’t how I expected things to go with them but it was something compared to before. I could honestly say it was one of the very few dinners shared with them that none of us argued. We even made plans for brunch on Sunday so I could meet my brother’s fiance. God willing things would actually turn up for the good.


After everything with Delilah, I hadn’t done much in the office. Patricia had been been in and out of the office for the last week since she found out she was pregnant. That had been taken care of immediately, but I still gave her time off.

Regardless of it, it was Friday and I had nothing else to do in the office. Everything had been taken care of, giving time to leave along with any other employee. Just as I was getting off the elevator, a redhead caught my attention. She was on her phone and seemed to be frustrated for whatever reason.

"Fuck." She cursed as she tossed her phone into her purse.

"Sorry, is something wrong?" I asked as I approached her.

"Oh… umm.. sorry. It’s that I can’t find my keys." She huffed as she tucked away her red hair behind her ear.

"Maybe I can help." I ran my tongue over my lip as I took a better look at her.

"Oh… no need. I have someone coming with my extra set."

"Your boyfriend?" She smiled while she shook her head.

"No, it’s a friend."

"Alright." I nodded and looked at her.

"Hey Vicky." Ashley greeted the redhead. They quickly greeted each other before she turned to face me.

"Hey, how have you been?" She asked me.

"Alright. Oh now that you’re here, do you have a minute? I need to ask you something regarding the foundation."  She cocked her head to the side and looked at me with a small grin playing on her lips.

"Sure. Just give me a second." I nodded and waited for her.

"Here’s the keys. I’ll see you later." She said to Vicky.

"Okay thank you so much." Another quick hug and her friend left the office building. I motioned for her to follow me up to my floor.

Patricia was still at the desk organizing some paperwork. As we passed by her, she could only smile but she was glaring at me. Ignoring her, I offered the Ashley a seat and fixed her a drink.

That didn’t take too long to get her all over me. She was on all fours asking for more the minute I put it to work. She wasn’t so sweet and innocent as she let others to believe. Behind closed doors she was a completely different person than who everyone else knows.

When we were done, she cleaned herself up. Smirking at her, I finished buttoning up my shirt. She turned to face me with a devilish grin on her face. If she’s as good as she was here, I wouldn’t mind keeping her this weekend.

"So where are you off to now?" She asked me.

"Nowhere in particular. What do you have in mind?" I asked her. She walked over to me and straddled me.

"Why don’t we go back to your place and you can have me all afternoon if you wish." She whispered in my ear before nibbling on the lobe.

"Don’t need to tell me twice." I said to her as I gripped her ass with my hands.

"Okay." She got of me and made her way out of my office. I followed in suit after her as we made our way out of the building.

My weekend just took a great turn.