46 days left!

I’ve said it a lot and I will keep saying it… I love the way RR writes the woman of this series. From Sally Jackson, to Annabeth, to Rachel, to Hazel, to Ella. They’re just so strong all in their own ways. 

They can have strengths in their intelligence like Annabeth. They can learn how to walk the balance beam between tradition and coming up with new ideas/solutions, like Reyna. They can utilize the skills they have, while doing their best to learn new skills outside their comfort zone, like Piper. They acknowledge the negative parts of the past that they carry and also learn to break away from that negativity, like Hazel….

There’s just a lot they do and a lot they give and they’re so diverse and well-rounded, it just makes me so happy.

And my favorite thing (and this picture depicts it pretty well) is the fact that while they’re all showing off strength and awesomeness in their own ways, they still are girls. No one’s saying they’re honorary guys or they’re “not like other girls”. They still have their ways of being feminine (oh, and look they even cover that spectrum aspect of femininity, some of them being more quote-unquote “girly” than others. But they’re written as no less strong or awesome for it. Clarisse and Silena both turned the tides of the Titan war in their own ways and they were opposite ends of that spectrum). They can fight and wear nice dresses and outfits…

They can fight while wearing nice dresses and outfits.  

And that is just another reason to love these ladies. 

46 days until we see our ladies whom no one should fuck with. 

Art by Marion-Draws

anonymous said:

Why don't you like Calypso and Leo?

I shouldn’t have to defend or start arguments over why I like/don’t like a ship. If I don’t like it, I don’t like it. People on here really need to start learning that other people have different opinions than them and not everyone is going to like something that you in specific like. If you are in so dire to know why I don’t happen to like “Caleo,” it’s because it’s forced and a scapegoat and an easy way out of writing characters and legit plot points. Oh, all the other 7 are in relationships for some dumb reason? Make the 7th wheel also in an unnecessary relationship!!!! People will only like characters who are in love with another character!!! No real conclusion for either character? Put them together and make it a sandwich!!! I can’t think of anything else to do with the characters, so why not?! Book got a bit boring, let’s bring a throwback character and change her entire character and personality so that she can fit into this relationship with a different character that clashes so much but magically fits now that the character and personality is changed!!! Nothing else can fit for a plot point, right??

He took an easy way out of wrapping things up for characters and forces these two characters into this relationship love thing when their traditional characters clash way too much and he full on changed Calypso’s entire personality and character and blamed it on the whole Percy ordeal when that wouldn’t even affect her because it’s happened to her for years before then as well.

tl;dr: Caleo is complete lazy, bullshit writing