Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo are trying to make your dreams come true. Together the filmmakers are Purple Milk, a production company that is currently editing their collaborative feature Bare, starring Dianna Agron and Paz de la Huerta (Boardwalk Empire) as lovers.

“[This] young girl, played by Dianna, comes from Nevada and she meets this older woman, played by Paz, an enigmatic figure and they have a relationship that’s like two souls connecting,” Natalia said. “They don’t really figure it out at first, I think. But it’s more like they’re drawn to each other and Paz, the Pepper character, convinces her to get a job at a truck stop strip club and it gets wild from there.”

Natalia and Alexandra said they weren’t aware of how big of a lesbian following Dianna Agron had from her role on Glee, but as soon as she was cast, they found out.

“I was so surprised,” Natalia said. “We did not know that she was huge in the lesbian community. I think it was actually better that we didn’t know because it was based on her as an actress and literally a few weeks later after shooting, we were like, ‘Holy shit! There are people who have devoted their lives to her.’ It’s really like almost kind of a funny bonus for the movie.”

"There was like a period of two weeks where people knew Dianna was in it and knew the concept but didn’t know who her lover was going to be,” Alexandra said, “and we were getting all these tweets of people like ‘hashtag petition for Lea Michele to be Dianna’s lesbian lover in Bare.’”

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Bare Links

This is the 2004 pop opera version that recently got deleted from youtube, if anyone still wants the links to download it. (I uploaded it on 4shared in two parts and on google drive in three parts. So they’re both the same files, you can just download from whichever site you prefer.)

4shared: P1, P2

Google Drive: P1, P2, P3


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force of peculiarity

sarah richards, manhattan native, rhode island school of design graduate, and founder + designer of richards is an explorer of all things peculiar. from sarah’s use of fine fabrics, to her hyper-real graphic print imagery, richards eponymous collection creates an earthly + surreal extraterrestrial mood.

no stranger to design, sarah richards, has worked with a range of top fashion brands like proenza schouler, peter som, diane von furstenberg, and opening ceremony.


V: so sarah, how was richards brought to life?


sarah richards [sr]: i started working on the line a year after graduating from rhode island school of design [risd] in 2011. i wanted to continue working on the ideas that fueled my thesis, by translating the prints i was working with onto accessible silhouettes, as well as creating new print compositions. i started first with a silk button down and the collection has grown from there.


V: what is the design aesthetic at richards?


sr:  the look is always a bold one, and can tend to be on the surreal side. i am attracted to strong colors and symbols. there is often a pairing of the manmade and the organic in the images i am drawn to.


V: how does the design team at richards work?


sr: in terms of design, patternmaking and sample sewing, richards is a team of one. however, i am lucky to have a great number of people, mostly other risd grads, who have been generous collaborators and integral to the success of the brand’s endeavors.


V: how important is the work space to your creativity?


sr: i design the prints on my computer, so having streamlined technology is the best way to achieve a clear focus in that realm. patternmaking and sewing clothing is a completely different task, but one which i enjoy just as much. i work in a very tight space, so the design of my studio is purely functional. i have never been one to surround myself with many objects or images for inspiration in my space. my mood changes so fast; i would rather keep my thoughts cataloged on my desktop. 


V: what is your favorite design tool to work with?


sr: i definitely have a soft spot for photoshop, but i have recently fallen in love with blender, which i use to create 3d shapes.

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