to be honest, the canonical representation of two bisexual women of colour in a show whose primary audience are young teens is the best Christmas present i’ve received this year and also probably have ever received and i will always be incredibly grateful, so thank you to bryan and michael and everyone who was involved because that was easily one of the highlights of my 2014. thank you.


Got around to watching the TLoK finale today (my Christmas gift to me I guess) and loved it, even if I’m a little sad now that it’s over. There will be some proper fanart in the future but for now just something quick to get it out of my system.

I’m a big fan of Makani so I thought I’d try my hand something similar to her Avatar sketches/comics. Republic City has almost a clear line of sight to the Fire Nation and that cannon seems to fire a looooong way…

Ppl saying the fire nation is probably white....

Asami Sato. Zuko. Iroh. Azula. Mako. Ozai.
How do any of these names sound white to you????
Literally nobody in the Avatar universe is white. Deal.

Kainora + secret messages

When Tenzin seems to drone on and on about one subject or another, it’s her that starts up the mischief. She writes a note across the piece of paper and with one flick of her wrist, it drifts over to him. It continues back and forth until she’s giggling and he’s unable to stop grinning. Sometimes he follows through with a wink and she manages a blush. Tenzin pretends that he doesn’t notice, but he becomes unnerved when he sees his daughter in a state of speechlessness and flattery at hands of this half-shaven misfit.