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How would EXO react if you were dancing ballet/jazz then all of the sudden you rolled down on the floor bc you sprained your ankle

Xiumin: *gets scared when he watches you fall* “OH SHIT WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!”

Luhan: *freaks out at first but then pulls himself together* “You’re hurt, so I will carry you to the car and take you to the hospital!”

Kris: *shocked* “How bad does your ankle feel??”

Suho: “I know your ankle hurts now, but it will get better once we get you checked out at the hospital!”

Lay: “How does your ankle feel? Do you think you need to go to the hospital?”


Chen: *looks away from you for a second and sees you on the floor clutching your ankle when he looks back* “What did I just miss?”

Chanyeol: *runs to your side to see if you’re hurt*

Kyungsoo: “How did you sprain your ankle? Did someone bump into you while you were dancing? Did you trip over something that someone left on the floor? Tell me so I can find whoever is responsible and break both of their ankles.”


Kai: “Are… are you hurt?” *confused and concerned*

Sehun: *enjoys watching you dance* “You’re dancing is amazing!” 

*sees you fall* “Wait.. What? Are you okay?”

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Louis Tomlinson knew he was an Eve as soon as he turned 10. He was taken from his parents home, thrown into Eve school, and grew up being taught to submit. Louis didn’t want to submit though, just because he can have babies he has to bow down to some man? They should be bowing down to him, lowering their gaze when he walks by, thanking him for sex. He was the one that was saving humanity. He was the one that could get pregnant. They treated him like some toy. Like something that meant nothing more than a whore.

Louis Tomlinson was no whore. Especially because the school shoved abstinence down all Eve’s throats. Abstinent until they were sold off to some man. An Adam, a man that cannot get pregnant.

You see, Eve’s cannot get each other pregnant. They need an Adam to do it for them.

Harry Styles knew he was an Adam as soon as he turned 8. He was put into school and trained. They taught him how to fight and protect. Protect what? The Eve he would some day purchase to make children with, the children that helped keep humanity going. He was schooled to think that Eve’s were nothing more than a host, things that held the babies until they were born for nothing else could.

Harry loved being an Adam, he was on top. Eve’s turned their gaze away when he walked by, tilted their heads down when approached, there for his cock and the children he can provide. Nothing else.

The hardhead Louis is bought by Harry when he turns 18, the Adam 20, and they clash. Harry wants Louis to submit to the life he was raised by, to take what Harry gives him, make babies, and do what he’s on the earth for. Louis is having none of it.

By louistwinklinson_styles

AO3, wip, 20k

How The Signs Would React To Someone Telling Them They’re In Love With Them

Aries - *stares at them in shock*

Taurus - ????  What????

Gemini - Well, why wouldn’t you be?

Cancer - *giggles* Oh *can’t stop smiling*

Leo - Oh, um, thanks?

Virgo - Ha, right, okay, sure

Libra - Soooo, where are we having dinner tonight?

Scorpio - I know

Sagittarius - *blushes really hard*

Capricorn - *doesn’t believe them* Okay.  Hilarious.

Aquarius - *really confused* Why

Pisces - What is love