why the signs should smile

aries - you’re always in control and you know it

taurus - spices exist! sauces exist! so many flavors in the world and you can try them all!

gemini - no one hates you as much as you think they do, probably not at all

cancer - you can cry all you want and people can just blame it on your sign

leo - you’re so hot it’s unreal

virgo - the human race is relying on you to stay organized and in line and you’re dang proud of it aren’t you

libra - there’s no limit to the people you can kiss

scorpio - your secrets are safe, don’t worry

sagittarius - there literally is no limit to the places you can go people have been on the mOON

capricorn - as stress builds up it can dissipate just as easily and all you need is the power of your mind to do that

aquarius - it’s okay, we all know you have feelings too, we’re just teasing

pisces - you’re just as human as everyone else and if you ever feel pushed away remember that there are billions of people in the world