Sé que hago un buen trabajo cuando han venido patrullas únicamente por mí y aún así no me han llevado detenido estos pacos qliaos

Forget Me Not

The azure weight of subtlety
Makes stems bow down and nod their heads
In recognition of svelte rain.
Slight memoirs rely on petals
To shine with tears like molten moons,
A span of cities in one flower.
A pensive song prevails barely,
Strung melancholy by the air;
Dutiful, secret holiness.
Stained by the sky’s forgotten paint,
Remembered lives take many forms.

Ships bc goals

Hey! So I am so close to reaching my next goal so I decided to do ships to help me reach that goal! Also, its 1:00 in the morning where I am at currently so I might do 1 or 2 tonight and finish the rest tomorrow! :)

for the ship…

What you have to do: 

~Must be following me

~Also follow my personal bc I have goals there too! :) {you don’t have to do this, but you will get a surprise if you do!}

~Reblog to get this around!

~Send me an ask and ask anything or tell me about your day whatever it is I dont care just put something! :D (A/N: If you have another band or special request please put it here!) 

~Have a good rest of the day (or night)

What you will get:

~ 5SOS Ship (includes main ship, best friend, secret hook-up, & frenemy) 

~1D Ship (includes main ship, best friend, secret hook-up, frenemy, & brother)

~ Pictures or Gifs for both ships

~ Polyvore outfits for both ships! (If you ave a specific request for this put it in the ask)

~Special Surprise (IF YOU FOLLOW MY PERSONAL)