happy 24th birthday, baekhyun! ♡

it’s so hard to think that you’re almost half fifty, yet your mentality is one of a five year old child :’) the past year has been a tough one, and you received so much hate from the public, yet you stayed resolute and strong for us and exo. i am eternally grateful for that and i hope that you will only receive more love in the years to come. you have always brought happiness to my life, with your little cute actions, your dazzling smile, or just your entire existence in general. i hope that no one can dim your light, because your fans will always shield you and make sure you continue shining like the brightest star you are. have a wonderful day, baekhyun! ✨

Flower symbolism .  Mikaela Hyakuya . Red Spider Lily

Transparent Mika for your blog as a thank you for 100+ followers

The red spider lily, also known as higanbana in Japanese, is called the ‘flower of death’. It is said they bloom on the paths of departing lovers based on a Chinese legend of two elves who could never meet. When they defied the gods and did so, they were punished and separated for eternity. This flowers holds the meaning of death, loss, longing and abandonment as well as the message “elope with me.”