"someone is killing desperate people for power you think of the liberation war, birileri çaresiz insanları güç için öldürürken siz özgürlük savaşı zannedersiniz" a.ş.i
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The 4th Element

The 4th Element shows you a great conglomeration of various contemporary independent graphic design concepts, by demonstrating the world’s outstanding designers’ real-case examples, along with the interviews of the designers. This book focuses on the use of rare materials, binding way, fine craft, special materials, printing methods, composition structures, detailed with designers’ descriptions, in order to bring practical and emotional inspirations to readers and increase their higher level of performance of visual design beyond the conventional performance. When you open this book, you opened the door to art and design. Its selected contents as well as its classic-yet-unique binding and layout guarantee you a different experience.

SGD 20