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Kinda in love w/ Leliana, kinda in love w/ you, so as a token of our (nonexistent) friendship, I am going to be sending you headcanons yeah? I hope you don't mind ^^. When Leliana was younger, she was terrible at singing. Luckily, the church taught her how to sing, and she secretly kept practicing when she met the Warden to impress her. -HeadcAnon

No, no! I love being sent headcanons or really anything that has to do with Leliana. 

Tbh graphicbebop and I have had conversations about Leliana being unable to sing, but everyone is too polite to let her know she’s terrible at it. 

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Is there ever really any real NEED to break a person's water artificially? If it doesn't break on it's own, the baby will just be born en caul, right?

You’re right!  There’s no medical need to break the water artificially.  Sometimes it might be decided that a baby isn’t tolerating labor very well and would be better off outside the womb, so some kind of labor-speeding agent needs to be used.  In the situation where breaking the water would actually help speed labor, it might be a better decision to use that rather than a medication like Pitocin, but in a healthy birth with no issues, there’s absolutely no reason to break the bag.

Some people say that babies born “en caul,” or still in the amniotic sac, will be prophets, but I like to think that they will be midwives.  Below the cut are photos of babies being born in the caul – NSFW-ish graphic photos of birth.

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any good blogs i should follow

well i mean if you’re lookin for gta blogs i got a few, if you’re looking for tf2 blogs i got two, and if you’re looking for misc. blogs i got a few




i’m on mobile so i only got the ones off the top of my head. my gta crew can yell at me later if i forgot a memeber