ohcaptainmycaptain1918 said:

(1) Alright beautiful, you n' I are gonna have a little chat - just the two of us, k? I've heard that you've been feelin' a little down lately; I gotta friend who knows what that's like. Seems like no matter HOW great he is, he can never see it. I think you n' him would get along real swell; you're both kind and funny and have a heart of fuckin' gold. But just like him, you don't seem to understand just how wonderful you are, or how other people see ya. There's always SOMEONE who thinks the

sun shines outta your ass, I promise ya. You listen to me, though: you’re beautiful, darlin’, alright? You gotta personality like an angel and I bet your smile is sweet as sugar, babydoll. Any person who makes you feel so bad ain’t work a lick of your time - so don’t make yourself that person. You deserve to be treated right and be made to feel special. So I expect to see a smile on that pretty face of yours, k? :) And if ANYONE crosses ya wrong, you know where to find me. Love, Bucky