Senior Elite 2014-2015 XEVOLUTION  

(including dance!)

Hello friends, do you like Kilik Rung? Do you want him to have his own week? Well, look no further, Kilik week is on the way! We, the mods, are currently looking for themes to use!

If you have one or many, please send it our way, either through fanmail, ask box, or submisison! The deadline for this will be December 31st, right when it turns to 2015.

We will have three rounds of voting to decide what themes are right for you in 2015!

Kilik Week will be scheduled on March 22-28th so please stay with us until then!

If you have questions or concerns, contact us here at kilik-rung-week or on our personal blogs: khaleesimaka, epicminion, l0chn3ss

Happy Kilik Week! :)


Requested by anonymous: Maka and Soul

"Just like there’s a way for me to become stronger, there’s a way for both of us to do so, too. All I ever thought about was catching up to Soul. No matter how hot it gets, even if my hands melt, I want to grow stronger, together with Soul."