idk i’m seeing a lot of hate towards jack being a co owner of jay z’s “tidal” but like..  i’ve spent all evening looking into how much money artists get from spotify and saw that artists who’s songs have been played over 42million times only get around $400,000 and when you think about that it’s NOTHING tbh and then i was thinking about the lesser known artists who are going to be getting even less and a friend said a band she knows would only be getting $400 through spotify with the plays they get and less people are buying music nowadays anyway with streaming services being cheap so i don’t see a problem if the artists will be getting a bit more money from it. the spokeswoman from tidal said in an interview the money going to artists would be a lot more than from spotify so i’m all for it, regardless of who’s owning it alongside jack.

La libertad de los capitalistas conservadores, lo que nos avisó orwell, en España ya pasa, se detienen a abuelos con pancartas en bici [ ] se mete a mujeres que robaron 800 euros 2 años y medio en la cárcel, mientras los ladrones de miles de millones siguen viviendo de lujo con nuestro dinero, al que piratee un juego 3 años de cárcel mientras los policías que matan suelen ser libres… 

La dictadura de los mercados, medios, derecha, lobbys, sector enegrético, en todo su esplendor, más preocupados por hacer dinero que por hacer una sociedad igualitaria, justa para poder vivir bien.

i forgot how much i love plotting - like, serious, action-driven plots. i love coming up with twists and turns and killing shit.