The darkest chapter goes back to the beginning.

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I just found out the most remarkable thing with the upcoming movie Interstellar:

They were so true to science that they’ve purportedly made several advances to our understanding of black holes. Cue head explosions.

One of their executive producers, Kip Thorne, just happens to be a world renowned astrophysicist. They’re planning on submitting at least two scientific research papers to be peer reviewed.

This gives me a thought: say scientists are successful raising popular interest in science, could it be possible to then use the funds of big-budget Hollywood films to help fund research with the dual mission to progress the film as well as their research?

One thing’s damn sure, I’m going to see Interstellar ASAP. Read more about this here.

The Zozo Phenomena

If while using a Ouija board, you encounter a spirit who calls itself Zozo, you are not the only one. Zozo is the most commonly contacted spirit through the board. It isn’t a good spirit and lets you know that too. It will threaten you and try to cause you harm for as long as possible.

Fez & Hali introduce the evil spirit of Zozo. Get tickets for #OuijaMovie, in theaters tomorrow.