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Out Of Love, Not Lust - Chapter Four - School Days - OM&M.
Om&m school one, Alan, tino, phil, Aaron, austin and (y/n) are bestfriends but Austin and (y/n) are really in love with each other but doesn’t think the other will return their feelings. Then some new kid starts flirting with (y/n) and Austin gets really jealous and angry and confesses?

Added the request to the story. Hope you like it c: will probably be the last chapter. Written by Emma.

Chapter One: You Better Watch It.

Chapter Two: I’ve Made Up My Mind.

Chapter Three: Rule Number One.

Giggling, me and Justin take seats in the sociology classroom. I still can’t get over my embarrassment of falling on him, but he’s cool with it. After that, he hopelessly helped me play the guitar, to which I resulted with a small tune, sounding okay, I guess. At least to me it did.

"Who the hell is this?" Austin appears behind Justin, frowning. "Justin, the kid you barged as you stormed out the classroom earlier." Justin swirls around, facing him. "You’re in my seat, move." Austin gestures for him to get up. "No." Justin looks confused. "I said, get the fuck out of my chair. Now." Austin grunts. I see the darkness in his eyes, how horrible and intimidating he looks. What the hell do I see in him?

"Fine." Justin roles his eyes as he looks back to us then stands up. Dragging a chair, he pulls up beside me on the other side. Austin takes a seat, his glower not leaving Justin. "So, who are you?" Austin points. "Justin." He replies plainly. "No shit." Austin says dumbly. "I mean, why are you here? Like, there." His frown appears again. "New kid." Justin shrugs. "Ah." Austin folds his arms and leans back on his chair.

"He came in after you walked out. That’s why you don’t know." I say blankly, I don’t know why. "Your fault I went." Austin mutters. "It wasn’t." I squint my eyes. "Last thing I recall is you telling me to fuck off." He smirks sarcastically. "Whatever." I scowl and look away. "And I’m right." He’s deliberately doing this, I know it.

Our group was in silence, it was awkward, we all knew it. “The awkwardness in this atmosphere is so thick I could cut through it with a knife.” Justin chews on his cheek. “I know right.” Tino answers. “Yep.” Alan says. “Sure is.” Phil replies. “You got that right.” Aaron chews on his pencil. “Uh huh.” Austin is staring at me, but I try to ignore it.

"So, uh, what did you guys get up to in the music room last period?" Alan tries to start a conversation, Austin looks intrigued. "I thought you said you’d meet up with me on our crossing free periods?" Austin says, looking annoyed. "Well, I forgot." I shrug. "Justin kinda taught me how to play guitar." I say to Alan. "At least, I tried." Justin chuckles. "Did it go well?" Aaron asks. "Yeah, can we expect you to join our quadruple of guitar players?" Alan nods to the four of them who can play. "Yes." I say. "No." Justin says at the same time. Jokingly, I squint my eyes. "What do you mean? I’m great." I lie. "Yes, so, so great." Justin cocks an eyebrow. "So, not too well then?" Tino laughs. "Try teaching her how to play guitar when all she can do is push you off tables and land on you." Justin says it as if it’s exhausting, but he’s smiling. "Mind that, her neck did taste lovely." He winks at me, nodding with pursued lips.

"I’d know." Austin says in a bragging tone. Quickly, he tugs at the collar of my shirt, displaying a shit tone of hickeys. "Austin!" I gasp, swiping my hand to my neck. I feel myself burning. "But I’m sure I taste great too." He pulls his own shirt down, displaying his collar bone, which is practically all dark purple. All of the guys’ faces are priceless. "Yep, I get this venomous girl all to myself." He makes it clear to Justin, and he smirks. My eyes widen, and I’m pretty sure I want the floor to swallow me. Whistling, Tino checks out Austin’s neck. "Wow." Tino looks at me. "What did you try to do? Suck the bone right out of his body?" He laughs. I move my hand from my neck to cover my face. "Dude, you don’t go light on her either." Tino reaches over the table and investigates my neck. To say I’ve gone red would be an understatement. "Stop it." I mumble, pulling my collar up. I know Alan, Aaron, Phil and Justin took sneak peaks but didn’t say anything to torment me. "You kinky sons-of-bitches." Tino nods. "High five." He says to Austin, who smacks their hands together.

"Come on, baby, lighten up, literally." Austin strokes my cheeks. "Don’t call me baby!" I almost scream. Immediately, I grab the attention of everybody in the class. "And don’t fucking touch me!" I launch up from the desk and begin to stomp off. "Y/N," Austin stands up grabbing my wrist. Without even thinking, I swing around and slap his face. I’m pretty sure everybody’s gasp in the classroom doesn’t beat the volume of mine.

My hands rush to my mouth, Austin holds his cheek. “Ow.” He widens his eyes, looking at me. “Really? Again? Get out of this classroom, now! You two are unbelievable, you have behavioural issues, especially you, Y/N. Go to your head teacher right this second!” The teacher squarks at us. I don’t even hesitate, I just go.

Slamming the door shut behind me, and into Austin’s face, I storm down the corridor. “Y/N, Y/N wait.” I hear Austin. Quickly, he catches up and holds my wrists. “Why?” I almost yell, flinching away. “What is wrong with you?” He asks. “You, you’re what’s wrong!” I stomp. “Why? Why? Why?” His hands go to my upper arm, my neck, then my cheeks with every word. “Why’d you tell them all that? Do you think it’s funny? Are you trying to embarrass me even more?” I ask. “No, I’m not.” His face relaxes.

"I just, I got… jealous." His tone goes quiet. "You got jealous?" I mimic. "Yeah, right. Jealous of what? Some girl you’re fucking around with?" I almost hiss. "No - no - no." He interrupts every second. "You’re not just some girl at all." He cups my face, to which I shiver out of. "Y/N." He sighs. "I got jealous, okay? I admit it. That new kid - Justin, or whatever - he had his eye on you. I saw it." He clenches his jaw. "So what? I’m not your girlfriend am I? Why would you care." I say that word dumbly. "He was looking at you." Austin repeats. "So what. I’m not your girlfriend, am I?" I say again, more pissed. "I, I know you aren’t." He hesitates. "I just wanted to show him - and all of them - that you’re mine. They all check you out, you may not see it, but I do. Especially that Justin guy, he’s so into you, it makes my jaw hurt from gritting my teeth so much." He rolls his eyes. "I, I just," His hand scratches his chin. "I like you." He sucks on his cheek. "You better fucking hope so or you’re getting a punch rather than a slap." I growl. "I don’t have to hope, I know." His thumb brushes my cheek again, but I don’t move away this time. "So what? You’re too much of a coward to do anything about it." I let slip out. "A coward?" He asks, looking intrigued by my word choice. "Yep." Simply, I nod my head. "Care to explain?" He frowns. "Too scared for commitment. You just like to fuck around with me, not the real deal, just the fun shit. You’re too scared to have anything more, you’d fuck it up." I sneer. "I, uh, you, really?" He steps back, dropping my chin. "You think that? Because I won’t ask you out?" His voice has changed. I’ve fucked this up now, for good. Slowly, I nod. He begins to chuckle, but I don’t find this funny at all. "You, you mean, you want to be with me?" He points to us both. Shyly, I nod again. "Y/N, Y/N, oh, Y/N." I try to keep track of how many times he says my name. As he does so, his hand holds my neck and he pushes me against the wall. Our foreheads touch, our lips are close. But his eyes aren’t filled with lust, they’re filled with… joy?

"Baby, wow, oh my god." He grins, breathing over my lips. I’m too confused to even say a word. "I, I love you." He bites his lip but smirks. I stutter. "Wha-" He interjects. "I’ve wanted to ask you out, for ages." He laughs highly. "God, I’ve wanted to be with you, so badly.." He presses his body to mine, almost getting side tracked. "But, but I thought you didn’t want to be with me. I thought, I thought you liked it how it was. I thought you didn’t want anything like a relationship. I, I didn’t think you’d want to be my girlfriend." He chews his lip. "Wait, you, you do want to be my girlfriend, right?" He cocks an eyebrow. "I, uh, yes." I stammer and nod. "Oh, baby." He smiles. He doesn’t stop to say anything else, he just forces our lips together. There’s a new level of eagerness, of passion. I love it. His hands caress my body over every inch, not leaving any part untouched, literally. And it’s out of love, not lust. It’s perfect.

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