A Lot Can Happen In Six Weeks #2A Little Payback

She wakes to someone pounding on the door. It is loud and it is jarring and she is immediately pulled out of her blissful slumber. She’s about to get up to yell at whoever it is that’s ruined the first good sleep she’s had in weeks when an arm comes around her middle, pulling her into the warm body that’s curled around her.

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Lanfranco Quadrio (Italian, b. 1966, Lecco, Italy) - 1: Coppia Libellula, 2008  Drawings: Graphite on Paper  2: Libellula Con Ali Aperte, 2006  3: Libellula Con Ali Aperte (detail), 2006  Engravings  4: Libellula E L’Acqua, 2013  5: Libellula E L’Acqua (detail), 2013  Drawings: Watercolors on Paper  6: Libellula: Luce, 2013   Drawing on Paper



Happy birthday to Barbara Kruger! Kruger began her career in the late 1970s as a graphic designer and quickly gained recognition in the art world for her signature style of photo-based images overlaid with blocks of text in black, white, and red. The visual strategies she borrowed from the mass media later returned to their sources on covers she created for magazines such as Newsweek, Esquire, and, here, Ms. magazine. 

[Barbara Kruger. Rage + Women = Power, cover for Ms. magazine. January/February 1992]


BLACK WIDOW (starring Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff. Co-starring Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier and [fancast it kids] as Ivan Petrovitch)

"My past is my own…"


Natasha by Henry Jackman - A Life In A Day by Nathan Johnson - Surveillance Lesson by John Ottoman - Container Park by The Chemical Brothers - Unstable by Gustavo Santaolalla - Atonement by John Powell - Beyond Fire by T.T.L. - Pretender by Ninja Tracks - Dance Of The Knights by Sergei Prokofiev - House Of Cards Main Title Theme by Jeff Beal - Better Than New by Ramin Djawadi - Festivo by Keiichi Suzuki