les mis movie memefour locations [3/4] café musain

This was held in the back room of the Café Musain. Nearly all the Friends of the A B C were together that evening. The large lamp was ceremoniously lit. They loudly talked of one thing or another, but without passion. Except for Enjolras and Marius, who were silent, each one harangued a little at random. Conversations among comrades sometimes include such good-natured uproar. It was a game and a fracas as much as a conversation. One threw out words that another caught. They were talking in each of the four corners.

Les Amis Modern AU - George Blagden as Grantaire

Grantaire was a Renaissance man, in virtues and vices alike. He painted freely and passionately, wrote songs for his friends, and documented every waking hour on Instagram. He also drank significantly more than was healthy. He was a committed and reliable member of every one of Enjolras’ protests, despite having blatantly little interest in them. Enjolras was aware of this, and it confused him entirely.

anonymous said:

How is Grantaire considered a hero? He didn't even fight at the barricade, he was in a drunken stupor for most of it, except the end at which point he died along side Enjolras, the true hero. Someone isn't a hero just because they are killed.

How is Grantaire considered a hero? Let’s take a look at this, shall we?


  • Fought for a cause that he didn’t believe in at all
  • Helped to rally against a whole government 
  • Like seriously there weren’t that many of them going against the French National Guard
  • Like I’m serious they were inexperienced, young, students going against trained soldiers
  • Grantaire may have been drunk majority of the time, but never did he once leave the battle field, give up, go home or quit.
  • There were so many times where he could have quit or ran out but he didn’t
  • He stayed with his friends until the last second
  • He knew they were dead, his best friends all gone, he could have ran and chose a new life, but no
  • He stayed and died hand in hand with Enjolras for a cause that he  didn’t even believe in
  • You know why? He believed in his friends
  • His friends whose corpses were scattered around him while he died
  • His friends who had been shot to bits
  • He had to see them laying dead and gone with frozen looks of terror on their faces, eyes no longer seeing

The Amis like to have a game evening at least once a week. They like to use this opportunity to have some fun with each other as a group, without having hangovers the next day- as to be honest most of them can’t be bothered about going out clubbing every week. Game nights are taken very seriously and the person who takes game nights the most seriously is Enjolras. Enjolras tends to have issues with loosing and if things in the game don’t go the way that he wants them to go, and as a result of this he hates most games. Despite this, the Amis tend to have good fun during their game nights.

  • Grantaire and Feuilly are banned from being in the same team for playing pictionary, because everyone knows that the team that they are up against is going to loose-and to be honest it is not that fun already knowing the result of the game. Grantaire and Feuilly are the best pictionary players that have ever existed, one time they were in a team together and they went against all of the other Amis, Cossette and Valjean-who had come to the Musian, just to make Marius feel rather uncomfortable about being with Cossette-and all of them lost against Feuilly and Grantaire. This soon lead to the event known as the ‘Pictionary incident,’ where Enjolras got annoyed and ‘accidently’ threw a plate, as it ‘slipped out of his hand.’ That is not the worst part of the story, as Enjolras missed the target of Grantaire’s head and he somehow managed to punch himself in the face. Enjolras claims that it didn’t happen, but it did and Joly laughs himself silly when he thinks of it.
  • The Amis have played a rather large game of Twister, that included two mats and two spinners, to make the game more fun-this was Courfeyrac’s idea. Joly was in charge of the spinner and he would take great joy in finding out how flexable his friends were-and who knew that Jehan could bend that way? Twister was going to be a disaster and you didn’t need a crystal ball to know that, especially since Bossuet was playing. Exactly two seconds after Bossuet’s hand shook, all of the other Amis were on the floor. Enjolras claimed that Bossuet was cheating, but in reality Enjolras is just a bad loser and he was soon distracted when Grantaire made a comment about his jeans and how tight they were. Enjolras spent the evening yelling at Grantaire who had chosen that night to be extremely cynical and Twister was soon forgotten about. 
  • Jenga was a dreadful game to play. The event that took place was known as the ‘The Great Jenga Tantrum,’ where Enjolras claimed that Jehan had made him loose by jiggling the table-while in reality Jehan was at the other side of the room and Enjolras had knocked the tower over himself. This lead to an argument , and that lead on to Jehan punching Enjolras and Enjolras trying not to cry as Jehan can punch really hard. 
  • Enjolras loves chess but he is dreadful at it. Even know that he looses the game, he loves it because you have to take down the king to win the game. Enjolras usually plays against Combeferre or Feuilly, and he looses against them constantly. Enjolras has won one game of chess in all the time after he learn to play the game, and he may or may not have done a victory jig, after he took down Combeferre’s king. Enjolras later mentioned how he would take down the monarchy like a game of chess. Enjolras lost the next round of chess after six moves.
  • Mario Kart nights are a disaster, mostly as Courfeyrac is the asshole who choses to do Rainbow Road. When that happens, Enjolras isn’t the only Ami that gets into a huff about game night.
  • Enjolras thinking that he would be brilliant at ‘Dance Dance Revolution,’ as he knows about a revolution and he can dance. Turns out that Enjolras was wrong and he has two left feet, and he gets beaten by Bahorel. Enjolras complained about loosing for a long time and his excuse for loosing was: ‘I was too busy thinking about barricades to win.’
  • The only game that Enjolras has won was truth or dare. But Grantaire technically won that game as well, as they get together over a game of truth or dare, after Grantaire dares Enjolras to go on a date with him. Their game of truth or dare has lasted for several years and it is still going strong. It means that they don’t have to dance around each other to find answers about if one of them likes the others cooking and more. Plus they do come up with some rather brilliant dares as a way to make up with another after a fight, especially Grantaire having to wear a dress for a week and Enjolras dying his hair pink and blue. Because of Enjolras and Grantaire playing truth and dare so often, the other Amis don’t want to play with them, because they are terrified about what dares they would get given to them, as Enjolras and Grantaire tend to be creative about them, you need to be if you have been playing the game for a long time.
  • baby:i- i-i-i- i-
  • mother:i love you? are you trying to say i love you??
  • baby:i-i *bursts into song* it is time for us all to decide who we are do we fight for the right to a night at the opera now have you asked of yourselves whats the price you might pay is this simply a game for a rich young boy to play the colors of the world are changing day by day. RED the blood of angry men BLACK the dark of ages past