Grant Gustin went from bit player on “Glee” to the star of “The Flash,” but in between the two gigs, it seemed like he might end up landing the role of Finnick Odair in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” The role ultimately went to Sam Claflin, but a year later, Gustin showed up on another shortlist — for the role of Barry Allen, aka DC superhero The Flash, for a potential new series that would spin off from The CW’s popular “Arrow.” A week later, he had the role, and in October 2014, “The Flash” debuted as the most watched program in the history of the network.

Alan Sepinwall must’ve read our tweets & comments about his Iris West bashing. Notice all the disclaimers he threw out there to seemingly address our concerns about his biased unfair comments about Iris and Candice. He still fell upon that dumb brother/sister excuse everyone loves to bring up to say Barry & Iris shouldn’t happen (He said they are step siblings ugh) and feels like Iris is the weak link of the show. I’m glad people defended Iris in the comments.

Which makes me think. Remember when Michael B. Jordan was cast as the Human Torch, Johnny Storm, and a white actress was cast Sue Storm? The logic that a black man shouldn’t be Johnny Storm because Sue and Johnny are brother and sister, and there is nooooooo way that’s possible. Now people are tripping all over themselves to make a Iris (a black person) and Barry (a white person) siblings because it fits their racist agenda. It’s like when you tell a lie and you have to tell another lie to keep the first lie going but you forget the first lie you told so you’re out here looking a mess and talking in circles. I wish people would just admit they don’t want black characters in the comic world instead of making up these flimsy excuses because those excuses are starting to fall in on each other. So you have absolutely no argument for why Michael B. Jordan shouldn’t be cast Johnny Storm if you claim Iris and Barry are siblings, that’s hypocrisy. You don’t have an argument that Barry and Iris are siblings either, because they’re not. None of your excuses make sense, so stop the bullshitting.