Hello here is some information on the music in the most recent episode of Welcome to Night Vale:

Cecil’s intro: Iron Circle from the album Granicha

The Faceless Old Woman background: Avezan from the album Neukrk

Cecil’s interlude: Song for the Other Side from the album Granicha

Michelle Nguyen background: Root Under Stone from the album Granicha

Cecil’s next interlude: Book of Arrows from the album Granicha

Steve Carlsberg intro background: Vortex Shedding from the album Transmutations

Steve Carlsberg reflects on Cecil background: Hvar from the album Transmutations

Steve Carlsberg final section background: Doggerland from Granicha

Cecil’s outro: Iron Circle from the album Granicha

The Weather is an excerpt of Postcard from 1952 by Explosions in the Sky

Also… remember that WTNV fans can use the code “khoshekh” for a 15% discount on Granicha if you purchase from Bandcamp

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Guys! Disparition’s new album is out and Cecil is the one reading out the lyrics on two different songs! ♡_♡

If you’re able to stop squealing for long enough you’ll hear him talk about the moon and mountains and you’ll probably get all Night Vale feely again because no one knows what the moon really is and mountains aren’t real so why is Cecil talking about these things? And forests that may or may not whisper, and trees. Because they are us.

Also, I’m sure that Cecil’s going to play these for the Weather and get his chance to sing a couple of his favourites on the air, no matter how much Station Management and Strexcorp tell him not to.

Because Cecil Gershwin Palmer is a fabulous bad ass.

"Granicha" is pretty amazing.

It’s very strange, like every song is more than one song, there are shifts within songs in style, though not in mood. 

There’s something new here, like a new form of art being born. 

Like with the Neos, I’m really excited to watch art being born. 

You can listen to/buy it here. Cecil is in songs 5 and 13, and he’s reciting beautiful things, but it’s like he’s part of the song. It’s different to hear him like this. He’s become one with the music, so you kind of forget it’s Cecil.

"Root Under Stone" by Disparition, from 2014’s Granicha.

I have never been here,
I’m not even here right now
All these papers in the listening wind
Nothing left out
Anyone could just take one
But maybe it won’t make sense
from just that little piece

anonymous said:

re: music under Cecil's bits: The first and last bit of music are from Disparition's song "Iron Circle", which a) I love SO much, and b) features some words by Cecil B. The other tracks might be from the same album (Granicha by Disparition)? It's been a while since I had time to listen to all of it...

Oh! That explains a lot. The tracks sounded vaguely familiar but I couldn’t for the life of me place where I’d heard them. 

Disparition - Granicha
Tracklist: 01. Hexe 02. Fault 03. Doggerland 04. Shadow in the Door 05. The People Who Carry Their Forest Around With Them 06. A Fire in the Distant Hills 07. Poem for a Crack in the Wall 08. Analog 09. Song for the Other Side 10. Root Under Stone 11. Book of Arrows 12. Land 13. Iron Circle 14. Poem for the Unspoken
Download at The Magnes

My new album Granicha is now on Spotify

You can listen to it here.

I just want to say a bit about this because Spotify is somewhat controversial among artists. As a music fan, I use Spotify myself. It’s a convenient service with an excellent catalogue. However, as many artists have pointed out, they pay us very very little.

I understand that most listeners cannot afford to pay for every album they enjoy and want to hear. And I think everyone should still be able to listen to music even when they can’t afford to buy it. However, you can help artists even if you can’t afford to buy albums - by sharing their work. 

Please help me get Granicha out in the world. Even the smallest mention is meaningful. Thank you.  

"Never Change"

Back in December, after we performed at the Welcome to Night Vale “Condos” show I was taking my gear outside and a fan shouted “we love you, never change!”

And I appreciate the sentiment.. but Disparition is changing.

It was about ten years ago that I released Satellite State, the very first Disparition album.  For almost all of that time Disparition has pretty much just been me making instrumental electronic music.  Last year, when we started doing live Night Vale shows at larger venues, I started experimenting with different variations of a live version of Disparition - in NYC with a guitar and string section, in Chicago with a fellow electronic musician Void En Vogue - rearranging older Disparition songs in new ways.  

After I came back from Chicago I dove straight into the final period of work on my new album, Granicha. This album is a bit of a departure, including something that’s never been in a Disparition album before: lyrics. This is not ambient music, at least not in the sense that my past albums have been.  It’s not background music, drones, or soundscapes…  these are songs.  

This is an album I’ve been wanting to make for a long time, and many parts of it have been cooking in my head for a long time.  But I didn’t really have the confidence or the knowledge to release something like this before.  I didn’t study music academically - when I was in college I studied writing and literature.  After various private experiments over the last couple years, I’m making writing lyrics part of my life. I’m very happy to have written words that I think convey what I am also expressing in music, and it’s been a great opportunity to work with several talented vocalists and instrumentalists.

I decided to write this post because I know how useful ambient soundscapes are to a lot of people, especially creative people.  I sometimes get messages from fans telling me they use my music to help them focus while writing or drawing or painting or coding or just thinking, and I love hearing this because I worship artists like Brian Eno and Biosphere whose work I use myself in that same way. Knowing I help provide that same utility for some people is one of the things that keeps me going.  

This new album Granicha, is different.  I’m not sure what it is exactly, maybe you’ll be able to tell me when you hear it.

I’m certainly not done with ambient music or soundscapes, and in fact I’m developing a combined album/tool specifically for the creative process later this year, called Farbenlieder.  

In the meantime, this is a good time for change. I can only ask that you listen with an open mind and the volume very loud.