When you’re married to someone for so long you become like brother and sister. After a while you stop fighting, you just give up. You realize you can’t change the other person and you’re stuck with them so you might as well just give them love.
—  my aunt, as we watch her parents sit on the couch together and watch my grandpa’s favorite show. my grandma narrates to my grandpa everything that is being said because he can’t hear a thing from the TV anymore

so my grandparents gave me their old air-walker so I would have something low-impact for physical therapy

and when they brought it by the house it was a bitch to get up the stairs even though it folds up flat just because the house is over a hundred years old and everything is narrow and weird

so I’m holding doors for them so they can bring stuff in and of course they’re bickering like the old married couple they are

and then I hear from around the corner


and that’s how I found out that my 70 year old grandfather is a zoolander fan