Here is my personal reel for my storyboarding class final!sorry for the awkward silence haha

If Heaven and angels exist, another was just gained this morning.

holding myself together for now after ugly crying for an hour last night, but I know I’m going to lose it when I get to the hospital.

Thoughts and prayers and whatever you believe in that is good is all appreciated right now. Might take a mini hiatus while my family deals with this loss.


Epic “riot grandad” takes the piss out of the greek riot police at Exarcheia in Athens, during the fierce riots of December 6, 2014 in solidarity to anarchist Nikos Romanos on hunger strike since November 10.

Κι είναι που αυτοί δεν έχουν χιούμορ.
Κι είναι που ένα γέλιο θα τους θάψει.

NaruHina headcanon 22

Hiashi: Son, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about Himawari.
Naruto: Yes, dad? 
Hiashi: You know how you were able to talk so many of our enemies into surrendering?  I don’t think you have to worry about that ability being lost.
Naruto: Why do you say that?
Himawari: Papa! Grandpa! I found some ice cream!  Want some?
*she’s adorable as fuck*
Hiashi and Naruto: *beaming* So cute~!
Hinata: Those two….Hima-baby, go back to your katas.  
Himawari: ‘kay mama.
Hiashi and Naruto: *sad* noooooooooooooo bby come back~!